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The Office Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, you may have found yourself being invited out with no costume! Don’t worry, just like Pitbull – we’ve been there, done that. Our team has compiled the best costumes you could wear based on scenes from The Office. These can all be done at home with what you probably just have around the house, or a quick trip to the store.

Prison Mike

Michael Scott as Prison Mike

To really sell this one, you need to wear the suit. Take a bandana or any piece of cloth around the house, suit up, and you’re good to go. Just make sure you’re fully committed and tell everyone about the worst part of prison: the Dementors.


Jim Halpert as Dave

Is it that funny? No. Does it technically count? Yes. This is the easiest costume we could possibly think of and will save you in a pinch. Just grab a name tag (or make your own) and write down any name other than your own. If you do write Dave, you may end up with some Office fans praising you. Your choice.


Dwight Schrute as Recyclops

The later versions of Recyclops may be a bit too much work, but the first appearance of this strange creature sure isn’t. Grab a green shirt, two green bandanas, and print out a picture of the Earth & a creepy eye. Just like that, you’re ready to save the world.


Mose as FEAR

What’s scarier than FEAR itself? Not having a costume, that's for sure! You will have to ruin a perfectly good shirt for this, but it’s worth it. Put on some blue jeans, pick a grey sweater you can part with, paint or duct tape the word FEAR across it in red, and you’re good to go.

Three Hole Punch Jim

Jim Halpert as Three Hole Punch Jim

Is this also that funny? No. Does Jim live for ‘costumes’ that technically count? Yes. This one is also extremely easy, and any fan of The Office is going to understand it right away. Throw on some business casual clothes, cut out three black circles, tape them on, and you’re done!

Dwight Schrute

Jim Halpert as Dwight Schrute

It may be overdone and simple, but it's instantly recognizable and it just works. Jim claims to have only spent $11 when dressing up as Dwight for his whole outfit. If you have some of this at home, it could be even cheaper. Flatten your hair, grab some dorky glasses, an equally dorky yellow shirt, and a tie. Once you put them on, you’ll instantly become the Assistant to the Regional Manager.