April 25 - 28, 2024

Stampede Park



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Meet the Voice of Ash Ketchum, Sarah Natochenny!

Meet the voice behind the recently crowned Pokémon World Champion! Sarah Natochenny has been voicing Ash since 2006. Learn more about what it’s like to bring Ash to life at our Q&A Sunday at 12:00pm in Palomino Room D.

Trainer Town

Stop by our Trainer Town to explore houses, get hands on with Pokémon themed activities, and choose your starter. All weekend long in the Family Zone.

Pikachu Hunt

There are four Pikachus hidden around CALGARY EXPO. Find and take a picture with all four of them for your chance to win and amazing Pokémon prize pack! All day Sunday.

Pokémon Paper Craft Workshop!

Make a paper Pokémon to take home at our Pokémon Craft workshop! Pikachu, Squirtle, Jigglypuff or Magicarp, which one will you choose? Check it out on Sunday at 2:30 pm in Family Zone.

Pokémon Training Camp

How well can you throw a PokéBall? Brush up on your skills at our Pokémon Training camp! Sunday at 11:00 am on the Cosplay Red Carpet.

Pokémon Trade Meetup

Bring your cards, your phone, your switch or whatever you use to play and meet fellow fans and players for this ultimate trade meetup! Sunday at 4pm on the Cosplay Red Carpet.

Pokémon Trivia

Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Test your Pokémon knowledge at our Pokémon trivia game and win some amazing Pokémon Prizes! See schedule for details.