April 25 - 28, 2024

Stampede Park



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Love podcasts? CALGARY EXPO’s got you covered! We’ve teamed up with Wetalk Podcasts, Fresh Take Network, The Alberta Podcast Network, and a host of local independent shows to bring you four days of podcast programming!

We Talk Comics

There is a lot going on in the comic book industry, and the We Talk Comics gang is here to talk about it. Keith, Morten, Chris and Brett will touch on a variety of topics, including the recent Amazon takeover of Comixology. And since this is at a comic expo, there are bound to be some special guests on the show as well. Part of the We Talk Podcasts Network.

We Talk Movies vs Cult Film Showdown

Two podcast worlds collide! The hosts of We Talk Movies (who sound shockingly like the hosts of Cult Film Showdown) will meet up to discuss what constitutes a b-movie and why a cult film may not be the same thing. There is sure to be lots of lively debate and disagreement to be had. Part of the We Talk Podcasts Network.

One Fall Podcast

The One Fall podcast kicks open the forbidden door in an effort to build the ultimate wrestling super show. First the panelists will draft a roster from today's stars all around the world. Then their booking skills will be put to the test as each panelist puts together dream matches from their group of wrestlers, all the while getting interaction from the audience on what to do, and who has done the best job. Part of the We Talk Podcasts Network.

Hollywood Rundown

Fresh Take's Devan and Josh are joined by indie movie aficionado, Adam Keresztes to discuss and review this season's hottest prestige television series; Atlanta, Moon Knight, Better Call Saul, and more. Typically, Josh is the good cop while Devan is a tad (read: a lot) more critical, while Adam just loves the Safdie Brothers. Together the trio will touch on current Hollywood news, the latest fast food crazes, and usually something that really upsets Devan. Part of the We Talk Podcasts Network.

90's Movie Draft

Adam, Devan, and Josh will throw down in a gauntlet of blockbuster proportions as only the 90's knew how to do! Each armed with a standard list of genres (plus one blockbuster pick which earned over 500M in revenue), the three friends will try to outwit and outplay the others by drafting the best (or their favourite) movies to create the ultimate movie playlist. Watch as Josh tries to argue that Jurassic Park is a family movie, Devan waxes poetic about Ghost, and Adam wonders why A24 didn't exist back then in this non-stop thrill ride of intrigue and duplicity. Part of We Talk Podcasts Network.

Mess Hall Podcast

Join hosts Avery and Lena Cochrane (and sometimes guests) as they sample, rate, and talk about fun foods. History and facts are discussed from treats such as flavoured Oreos, to pumpkin spice, to types of boxed dressing. Listen to an amusing debate about the assessment of a different food theme each week. This couple may not always agree, but they will for sure ridicule each other for not seeing eye to eye. Listen weekly to hear delightful banter about yummy foods! Part of the Alberta Podcast Network.


Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “that actor is all wrong for this part”? Have you ever wanted to imagine someone else in the role? Never fear! That’s exactly why Repodcasting exists. Listen as cohosts and cousins, Janet and Lucia, recast their favourite and not-so-favourite movies with their dream cast. They also take a moment each episode to imagine which role in the film should’ve been given to Tony Danza because, let’s face it, Tony Danza would make every movie better. Part of the Alberta Podcast Network.

The Breakfast Dish

Join Griffin Cork and his mom, Karen Johnson-Diamond for get-to-know-you conversations with Canadian artists. This Canadian Podcast Award nominated show is dairy and gluten free! Part of the Alberta Podcast Network.

Dissonant Whispers: A D&D Podcast

Follow the adventures of the quirky, and often forgetful, Forgetful 5 as they seek to disrupt the machinations of the necromancer and follower of Orcus, Astan the Vile.

Our game is led by our illustrious Dungeon Master, Stu. Our campaign is a homebrew in a homebrew world mixed with a bit of the Forgotten Realms. Our party consists of Corovar Aldeyr (Half-elf Rogue/Fighter played by Jeff) and his sweetie pie Caelynn Galanodel (Half-elf Bard played by Melissa), Ava Nailo (Elf Druid/Rogue played by Alisha) and her half brother Morbius Lionsbane (Tiefling Cleric played by Ryan), Rhogar Nemmonis (Dragonborn Barbarian/Fighter), and Spossy Bandtoe (Gnome Monk/Wizard played by Matt).

Sinister Inclinations

A podcast dissecting all things horror, and the effect horror has on society.


Tomorrow’s Legends Podcast

A TV review podcast dedicated to shows in the Arrowverse! We cover every episode of Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl, and Superman & Lois, plus we throw in a little Flash talk as well! But this isn't a simple recap podcast, we dive deep into the stories, characters, and theories of what's going on, and what certain elements could mean going forward. We also take in feedback every week and respond to it on the show.

The Mandalore Podcast

Siber Wren and D.Vizsla are two passionate Star Wars fans, covering every show released on Disney+ in the Star Wars universe. We started with The Mandalorian, and have since talked about The Book of Boba Fett, The Bad Batch, Clone Wars, and will be covering the upcoming Obi Wan Kenobi, Andor and Ahsoka shows as well. This isn't simple recap show, we dive deep into all the speculation, theories, and history of the characters and their stories, and do our best at explaining what it all could mean. We also respond to feedback every week from our dedicated listeners.


Join our narrator and host Mitchell Tew as he tells a story from the Makeshift Stories archives. Makeshift Stories is a speculative fiction podcast for all ages. Escape the ordinary and journey through space, time, possible futures, alternative pasts and the unexplained. Makeshift Stories is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network.

Let's Find Out

Let's Find Out is an Edmonton-based history podcast. We go on field trips and wander into archives to show off how to learn about local history. Ever taken a picture of the bubbles under the ice at Lake Abraham in the Rockies? In this live recording, you'll be part of a hands-on workshop exploring three ways history can help us think about one of those photographs.