April 24 - 27, 2025

Stampede Park



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Paranormal Attractions

Try not to SCREAM... at the jaw-dropping amount of spooky partners coming to Calgary Expo 23! Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive all the scariest horror updates.

Sinister Inclinations: The Current State of Horror in 2023

It’s back to haunt you! An interactive panel where guests can discuss all aspects of the horror genre with their hosts from the Sinister Inclinations; The Horror Show Podcast: Horror Film Producer James Saito, Author Terry Sherwood, and Horror Author Melanie McCurdie. See schedule for details.

Ghost Hunting for Answers with CAPI

From knocking in the night, to unexplained lights, monsters, and phantom shadows, the CAPI team seeks answers to all of your paranormal questions. Join our team as we explain our spooky experiences, and how our investigations differ from what you see in Hollywood. See schedule for details.

Calgary Ghost Walks Creeps into Calgary Expo!

Join Johanna Lane of Calgary Ghost Walks as we discuss the Murder, Mystery and Mayhem of Calgary's "Other Side" of History.  Stories of some of our favorite haunted spaces with a Q AND A Period to follow. See schedule for details.

Messages from the “Other Side” – Mini Readings and QnA

What messages are waiting for you from the other side?  Join Sarah Hunter of www.caldroncare.com and Gypsy as they give mini readings and card pulls. See schedule for details.