April 21 - 24, 2022

Stampede Park


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The Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix is back for 2022 and bigger than ever!

More details coming soon!


Register for the contest via the link at the bottom of the page. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name(s)
  • Stage Name (Name to be announced on stage)
  • Age(s)
  • Division
  • Your Cosplay Character(s)
  • Where the Character(s) is from
  • A single paragraph description of how you made your costume(s) (please note that we do need an actual description of the cosplay’s creation and will be part of our determination on which entrants will make it into the contest).
  • Photo of the character(s) that is being cosplayed
  • Photo of the costume’s current progress

Please note that registration does NOT guarantee a spot in the Cosplay Craftsmanship Cup.

There will be no on-site registration for the Cosplay Craftsmanship Cup.

Entrant numbers for this year’s competition will be capped at 45 (15 entrants per division).

Competitors will be selected by the contest organizers based on current progress of prospective contestant’s costume (s). Costumes do not have to be completed at the time of entry.

Once pre-registration has closed, prospective contestants will be informed if they have qualified for the contest. A wait list will be available for those who missed pre-registration or did not initially qualify.



Izy Cheung (aka Hyoken Seisou) is a local traditional artist and costume maker specializing in non-humanoid character costumes. A veteran con-goer, she has been attending and making costumes since 2007. She holds an impressive award history of almost two dozen awards won from costume contests over the years. Aside from costume making and painting, she enjoys playing sports, riding her motorcycle, and taking care of her wide variety of exotic animals.


Taylor is a local Cosplayer who has been active in the community since 2011. He is passionate about the community aspects of cosplay culture and enjoys challenging himself in terms of craftsmanship and experimenting with new materials and techniques. He strives to encourage others to take the plunge into the world of cosplay and push themselves to try new things.


Huffy started cosplaying at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo back in 2009 as Harley Quinn from Gotham Girls. However, her true love of cosplaying came from her daughter Olliepop Cosplay, who loves it more than anything, Huffy began focusing on building Chibi costumes because of this.

Huffy loves the creative outlet of costuming and tries to learn at least one new skill with every build. She has competed and judged many costume contest and currently sets up and donates all the supplies for the Cospitals (cosplay repair booth) for the Calgary Entertainment Expo and Edmonton Expo.