April 21 - 24, 2022

Stampede Park


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We have joined forces with Hololive EN to bring some of the biggest English speaking VTubers in the world to CALGARY EXPO! Get ready for a special pair of virtual panels across the weekend as they stream directly into the show with their fun filled and interactive anime performances. Check out who will be joining us live on screen and (almost) in person. The excitement doesn't stop there. Exclusive 2021 VTuber Tour merchandise including lanyards, t-shirts and buttons will be available on site featuring all the Hololive EN VTubers.


Takanashi Kiara

An idol whose dream is to become a fast food shop owner. Kiara is a phoenix, NOT a chicken or turkey. (Very important). She works extremely hard since she will be reborn from ashes anyway.

Mori Calliope

The Grim Reaper’s first apprentice. Because the world’s medical system advanced so dramatically, Calliope became a VTuber to collect souls. It seems that the lost souls vaporized by the wholesome relationships of VTubers flow through her as well. In the end, she’s a gentle-hearted girl whose sweet voice contradicts the morbid things she tends to say, as well as her hardcore vocals.

Watson Amelia

Amelia heard strange rumors surrounding Hololive online: talking foxes, magical squirrels, superhuman dogs, and more. Soon after beginning her investigation on Hololive, and just out of interest, she decided to become an idol herself! She loves to pass her time training her reflexes with FPS games, and challenging herself with puzzle games. It's elementary, right?

What is a VTuber? What's a hololive?

You might be asking yourself, "What's a VTuber?" and "What's a hololive?" Amelia Watson is here to give you all the answers to your VTuber questions.