April 24 - 27, 2025

Stampede Park



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The CALGARY EXPO Replica Competition challenges makers to recreate a prop or costume piece! This competition asks cosplayers and makers to focus in on one specific item instead of a head-to-toe cosplay look.

Our team of experienced judges will select the Best Novice Maker, the Best Experienced Maker. Attendees of CALGARY EXPO will vote for the Fan Favourite!

Please read all rules and regulations below before registering.

How it works:

The CALGARY EXPO Cosplay Replica Contest challenges fans to recreate a prop or costume piece. Rather than a full cosplay, this competition asks fans to focus on one specific item instead of a head-to-toe look.

Participants will register in advance. Entrants must register to compete in either the Novice Maker or Experienced Maker category. Novice makers are those who have been fabricating for less than two years and have yet to win any major awards for their work. Major awards include Best In Show, Runner-Up to Best in Show, or Best in Division. Minor awards include Division runners-up, judges/organizers' awards etc. Only Major Awards should be considered for division placement purposes. Makers who have previously won a Major Award at a standard cosplay contest should count that award towards their division placement for this contest.

On the morning of Sunday, April 28th, contestants will bring their piece, along with supporting materials documenting how they built it, to the gallery area at the show for check in prior to 11:30am. Contestants will install their piece within the gallery area. Please note that if a piece requires any special supports such as a mannequins or custom mounts, contestants will be required to bring the those as well.

Pieces will be on display until 3:30pm on Sunday, April 28th. Contestants Can pick their piece up after 3:30pm.