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Snake Eyes!

It’s that time of year again! It’s Nightmare Before Christmas time and Oogie Boogie is taking over. Roll the dice and see all the iconic roles on and off screen the great Ken Page has taken on over the years. 

scary humanoid person with burlap sack skin

Oogie Boogie

From the movie, to videogames, to Disney Parks, Ken Page has portrayed the “no good Oogie Boogie” for 30 years. Described by Ken Page, Oogie is a “cross between Burt Lahr from the “Wizard of Oz,” Cab Calloway and the voice of the demon in the “Exorcist.’” (CTInsider). Whether you think Nightmare Before Christmas as a Halloween, Christmas or Halloween/Christmas movie, we can all appreciate one of the highlights of the movie, Mr. Oogie Boogie. 

large alligator wearing makeup looking in a mirror

All Dogs Go to Heaven

If you are a Don Bluth Fan, you may remember seeing All Dogs Go to Heaven. Well, Ken Page is in that too. In the song “Let’s Make Music Together”, Ken Page voices the carefree, flamboyant King Gator.

Person wearing cat costume laughing


Before the most recent attempt at putting the Cats Musical on the screen, there was the direct to video iteration with Ken Page as Old Deuteronomy. To many, this is THE Cats Movie and Ken Page as Old Deuteronomy is the blue print for this Jellicle cat. 

people onstage performing in costumes



Mayor Warren

man in suit leaning into microphone

Polly (1989)

The Walrus

Humanoid Walrus person in a fancy suit


floating ghostly heads

Charmed (2004)