February 1 - 4, 2024

Orange County Convention Center



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The MEGACON Orlando Replica Competition

Brand new for 2023! The MEGACON Orlando Replica Competition challenges makers to recreate a prop or costume piece! This competition asks cosplayers and makers to focus in on one specific item instead of a head-to-toe cosplay look.Our team of experienced judges will select the Best Novice Maker, the Best Experienced Maker. Attendees of MEGACON Orlando will vote for the Fan Favorite!

Please read all rules and regulations below before registering!

Rules and Regulations

Contest Rules and Regulations

1. Contestants must have a valid ticket for Sunday April 2nd in order to compete.

2. Contest is open to those 13 years of age or older.

3. Props must be the work of the submitter. No commissioned or purchased props are allowed.

4. Contestants must also submit a description outlining their build process in order to be considered for a cash prize. Additional documentation such as photos are encouraged.

5. Contestants must submit supporting documentation highlighting their use of sustainable materials in order to be considered for the sustainable prize.

6. FAN EXPO reserves the right to disallow any contestants on basis of appropriateness of the prop or costume piece. MEGACON Orlando is a family friendly convention. Items that are deemed to be racist, obscene, or otherwise derogatory will not be allowed to compete. Items with hate symbolism such as swastikas, KKK hoods etc will not be allowed to compete. FAN EXPO HQ staff has the final say on all entries. Their decisions may not be appealed.

7. All props MUST pass Prop Check inspection or be approved by FAN EXPO HQ staff in advance. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to ansley@fanexpohq.com.

8. Absolutely no flame or pyrotechnical props or costume items are permitted due to fire regulations.