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Pop Culture Classroom’s Educational Programs at FAN EXPO Denver offer students, educators, families, and fans of all ages an awesome opportunity to create, imagine, learn, and connect through pop culture.


Students, families, educators, and fans of all ages can dive into the fandoms they love with educational programming from our featured charity, Pop Culture Classroom.

Whether it’s drawing tutorials in the Kids’ Lab and All Ages Stage, panels about the science behind sci-fi, ­­­or career conversations with professionals from the creative arts, there is plenty to learn at FAN EXPO Denver.

Kids’ Lab

The Kids’ Lab and All Ages Stage at FAN EXPO Denver is a place where kids, teens, and families can learn, play, and connect through comics, gaming, tv and film, and other pop culture.  Located on the main show floor, the Kids’ Lab:

  • PROVIDES hands-on opportunities for families and fans to engage with diverse pop culture-based media, STEAM-based activities, and more
  • HIGHLIGHTS the value of pop culture-based education in the 21st century
  • BRINGS TOGETHER a diverse mix of community partners, creators, and special guests throughout the weekend
  • OFFERS a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage and make lasting memories with a uniquely passionate, diverse audience of thousands of families, educators, and kids at the event.

The Kids’ Lab features a wealth of interactive experiences and presentations on Pop Culture Classroom’s All Ages Stage.


All-Ages Stage

  • Celebrity Guests like Anthony Daniels (C3PO), Troy Baker (The Last of Us), Charles Martinet (Mario), Irene Bedard (Pocahontas)
  • Arts Demonstrations and Workshops from Professional Comics Creators and Educators
  • Interactive Presentations from Community Partners like Dinosaur Ridge, History Colorado, and Swallow Hill Music

Kid’s Lab Activities

Complete arts and learning experiences for prizes:

  • Learn with Pop Culture Classroom: Past kids’ attractions include Creature and Habitat Creation, interactive live-action role-playing, an escape room, and the Alien Slime Lab.
  • Experience Family-Friendly Community Fun: Previous years have featured Level 7 Games’ playable video game library, an instrument “petting zoo” from Swallow Hill Music, and parkour with APEX movement.


Educators Day

Educators can participate in professional development and educational programs to enhance their students’ learning through gaming, comics, movies, and other pop culture—and explore the best of pop culture at FAN EXPO Denver! 


Educators’ Day is a FREE, full-day experience on Friday, June 30 at FAN EXPO Denver 2023 that provides teachers, librarians, administrators, and other educators the chance to participate in educational panels, workshops, and activities that highlight the benefits and practical applications of pop culture in the classroom. Learn how they can improve their craft using pop culture media and other tools, and connect with other educators from across Colorado.

Pre-registration is required, and applications are first come, first served. Please apply before the 04/28/2023 deadline.

  • PARTICIPATE in educational panels, workshops, and activities that highlight the benefits and practical applications of pop culture in the classroom.
  • LEARN how they can improve their craft using pop culture media and other tools
  • CONNECT with other educators from across Colorado.

Previous Sessions Include:

  • Comics for Kids and Teens, and Preparing Youth to be Tomorrow’s Creatives
  • The Power of Pop Culture in the STEM Classroom
  • Comics and Creativity Activities for K-12
  • Using Pop Culture to Make Young Leaders
  • Special pop culture creator guests

Experience the Comics

Experience the Comics is a FREE, full-day experience on Friday, June 30 at FAN EXPO Denver 2023 where chaperoned middle and high school student groups have the opportunity to:

  • GAIN hands-on experience with a variety of pop culture media (e.g. comics, games, cosplay, etc)
  • LEARN about the diversity and depth of pop culture through a fun, dynamic educational experience
  • MEET professional creators
  • EXPLORE pop culture-focused career paths
  • EXPAND their creative skills
  • DISCOVER connections between their favorite fandoms and the real world 

Experience the Comics attendees can expect to begin their day with a welcome session, followed by specially curated panels to activate students’ creativity, curiosity, critical thinking skills, social/emotional skills, and career aspirations. 

Past student experiences include:

  • Careers in Pop Culture, featuring a variety of industry professionals
  • Building Your Own Cinematic Universe
  • Celebrity guests, such as voice acting with Rob Wiethoff and Roger Clark from Red Dead Redemption

When not attending Experience the Comics panels, attendees are welcome to enjoy everything that FAN EXPO Denver has to offer, including other panel sessions, a vibrant fan community, and a diverse show floor!

Chaperoned student groups can apply for this FREE opportunity for entertainment and learning.

Educational Panels and Programs

Throughout FAN EXPO DENVER, Pop Culture Classroom offers educational programming and panels that offer educators, parents, and creators the chance to:

  • LEARN how to leverage pop culture media to further their craft
  • DISCUSS how popular culture resources, events, and media can inspire youth and lead to greater social change
  • DEVELOP new ways to integrate pop culture into their classrooms, homes, and local communities with an eye for creativity and inclusivity.

Past sessions include

  • Tabletop Role-Playing Games and Social Emotional Learning
  • CU Boulder Presents Representing Black Ethnicity with Coded Animation
  • The Science of... Presents the Science of Mjolnir
  • Denver Library Presents Pulp Heroes and Their Influence on Today’s Comics