JULY 4 - JULY 7, 2024




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The Kids' Lab

Come and join the Explorer's Guild! Learn about the biomes of the world and what plants and animals live in each one! Then make your own fantasy map and start your adventures!

  • The City of Aurora Open Space & Natural Resources Division - Come hang out with a naturalist and learn about the nature-inspired origins of some of your favorite hero’s superpowers, and learn about the many animals that call Colorado home!
  • The Butterfly Pavilion - Meet and interact with live animals, including insects, and biofacts. Be a scientist! Examine real butterfly wings through a microscope.
  • Trackers Earth - Learn about runes and have your fortune told! Examine camping and expedition equipment that will help you on your adventures!


  • Colorado School of Mines
    • The School of Mines Metalery department returns with STEM-related experiments, deep dives into the physics of Beskar from Star Wars, Vibramium from the MCU, and more! 
  • The School of Rock Boulder
    • School of Rock will have an instrument petting zoo run by staff and members of our House band, students who have shown a strong passion for music and teaching.
  • The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society of Children Writers and Illustrators
    • Local authors and illustrators will assist with book-based crafts and games, as well as drawing and design opportunities.
  • Level 7 Games
    • Stop by Level 7 to play game demos set up for retro gaming consoles. Check out their display of dummy consoles and learn about the hardware needed to run your favorite games!
  • Tomorrow Makers Studio
    • Come walk through a movie set, collect many free goodies, take pictures in a life-size action figure box, play the demo of the new Tomorrow Makers game and they can build your own props to take home!
  • History Colorado
    • Colorado’s pop culture history encompasses more and more every year! History Colorado invites you to find out about Colorado’s iconic places, share memories, make crafts, and learn about our amazing pop culture connections!
  • Project Helping
    • Kynd Kits are volunteer projects in a box! Stop by Project Helping to build a kit that focuses on building reading literacy that we will donate to local kids.


  • Downtown Denver Aquarium - Come see and learn about our oceans! Touch shark jaw, endoskeleton, a giant sponge skeleton, and much more! Learn about the importance of animals, ecology, and what we can all do to help out.
  • United Capoeira Association of Colorado - Capoeira is a dynamic Afro-Brazilian art that involves music, dance, martial arts, and acrobatic movement. It has gained visibility from fight scenes in Hellboy II, The Mandalorian, and the MCU! Join UCA Colorado for an introductory lesson and try some of the awesome moves that make capoeira so much fun!
  • Arapahoe Libraries - Learn the basics of sublimation printing and create your own custom bookmark or coaster. Try out some non-traditional musical devices (Free Drums, Specdrums, LittleBits Music Inventor, and Boomwhackers) and learn how STEAM and music can intersect.
  • The Colorado Ballet - Try out different dance moves with Colorado Ballet! Explore the wide world of dance and movement through the lens of the Avengers superheroes. Can you get as small as And Man and as big as The Hulk? Can you balance on the Infinity Stones? Have you ever tried a plié or tendue? We will explore movement and more!
  • The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers - Have a great story in mind, but at a loss of how to begin? Overwhelmed by the idea of creating your own fantasy/scifi world to fit into your story? Visit RMFW and get hands-on ideas, outlines of what to include/not to include, a forum to ask questions, and let your world take flight!