June 7 - 9, 2024

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center



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Once Upon a Time: Book Publishing 101

Article written by Lance Stanford, 

Everyone has a story to tell, and many claim they should write a book, but who actually takes the steps to follow through on that dream?  That’s a question we set out to help with at our August event, Book Publishing 101.  Dozens of people came out (virtually) to start their literary journey to become a bestselling author.

Everyone was excited from the beginning.  This event was unlike any of the FAN EXPO meetups before and I was a bit nervous going into it if we’re being honest.  I recalled everything I had learned and did to get my book out there like, What had I done right? Wrong?  What had worked and what had caused me to fall on my face?  I had to find a way to sum up all these growing pains for an entire audience.

Finally, the day came and the event started-a pleasant surprise I might add- very smoothly.  We all gathered together as creators and discussed our craft.  I explained the dated ideas of needing an agent to be an author.  We talked about the modern ease of self-publishing and why friends and family are the most important audience starting out.  People asked about the balance of a writing group versus maintaining your intellectual property and the answer I gave was “a fine balance or support and selfishness”.

I watched with pride as people were scribbling down notes and even helping each other in the chat by the end of the event.  We all had a great time, learned how to make that “special” idea concrete, and get it out to an audience.  I can’t wait to see the books from so many creative and inspiring people on shelves soon!