September 16-18, 2022

Edmonton EXPO Centre

Edmonton EXPO


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Star Wars Saturday

Meet Star Wars voices!

Spend some time with the voices of Ashoka Tano and Garazeb Orrelios at our Star Wars celeb Q&As with Ashley Eckstein and Steve Blum. See schedule for details.

The Edmonton Expo Replica Contest

New this year! The Star Wars Replica Competition challenges makers to recreate an iconic Star Wars prop or costume piece! Whether it's Han's blaster, Kylo's lightsaber, Padme's iconic headdresses or your favourite item from the Star Wars Universe, this competition asks fans to focus in on one specific item instead of a head-to-toe cosplay look.

Lightsaber Battle

On the appointed day, at the appointed time…join us for an epic lightsaber battle! Will you fight for the light side or the dark side of the Force? 12+ See schedule for details.

Droid Hunt

These aren’t the Droids you’re looking for! Can you evade the Empire and keep your Droid safe? Brought to you by the 501st. Visit their booth on the show floor for details!

Order 66 Game

There are seven Jedi hidden around Edmonton Expo. Will you hunt them down for the Empire and your chance to win a Dark Side themed gift pack?

Padawan Training

Younglings can take their first steps in the Force at our Padawan training session! See schedule for details.

Princess Leia Hair Cosplay Tutorial

Learn how to make those Iconic buns for yourself at our Princess Leia Cosplay Tutorial!

Star Wars Panels

Go deeper into a galaxy far, far away at one of our Star Wars themed panels. Play trivia, learn about costuming and more!

Star Wars Cosplay Meet Up

Meet your fellow Star Wars cosplayers and get the ultimate group shot at the Star Wars Cosplay Meetup! See schedule for details.