OCTOBER 19-20, 2024

Irving Convention Center

Dallas Fan Festival


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  • All FAN EXPO HQ attendees, exhibitors and staff must comply with all federal, provincial, and local laws and regulations regarding weapons, imitation weapons and props, as well as their usage.
  • Attendees are reminded that while travelling to and from the event, to make sure due care is taken on your behalf to ensure any weapons or props, which could cause public alarm, are stored in a bag or in a storage container.
  • FAN EXPO HQ attendees are, under no circumstances, allowed to possess or bring to the convention grounds any actual weapons. Unlawful possession of weapons is an offence and will result in denied admission into the convention or prosecution.
  • All weapons and props must be in plain sight at all times and are subject to mandatory inspections performed by FAN EXPO HQ staff or security staff. As a general rule, no metal prop weapons are allowed. Additional rules are outlined below.
  • Any weapon, prop, or item not covered in this policy must be inspected by security staff at the Prop Check Desk; these items will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Security makes the final decision on whether a weapon or prop will be allowed into the convention grounds.

1. Prop Check Desk

Attendees who come to any FAN EXPO HQ event with a prop will be stopped by show security and sent to the Prop Check Desk. At the Prop Check Desk, security will inspect that your prop complies with the below FAN EXPO HQ rules and regulations regarding props.

If approved, security will issue a tag to be placed in a visible area of the prop. If show security does NOT see this tag on your prop while on the show grounds, you will be asked to leave the convention center and store your prop, or go to the Prop Check Desk to have it checked.

If not approved, attendees have the option of storing their prop in their car, home, or hotel room. There are no refunds given if you are turned away for not adhering to our policy.

For full rules and regulations regarding props, please see below.