June 23 - 25, 2023

America's Center Convention Complex

FAN EXPO St. Louis


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FAN EXPO St. Louis' media team is standing by to assist you with your inquiry. Please contact them directly for these and other inquiries relating to media coverage:

  • Background information about FAN EXPO St. Louis
  • Interview requests with FAN EXPO St. Louis spokespersons
  • Interview requests with FAN EXPO St. Louis guests and partners
  • Image and B-roll requests 

For questions: Please contact Jerry Milani at jerry.milani@informa.com 

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Media Accreditation & On-Site Media

Media accreditation and services are provided to media on assignment to cover FAN EXPO St. Louis. Due to the demand for tickets, the number of press passes available is limited and we are not able to approve every request. Notice of application status will be emailed to applicants no later than one week before the event, or before public tickets sell out. Be sure to review the guidelines for on-site media below before applying and refer to the FAQ if you have any questions. If you require additional support: jerry.milani@informa.com

Check back in soon for Media Accreditation applications for 2023.


Press Passes must always be worn. Respect the responsibility of this pass: follow the rules and ask the on-site Media Team if you have any questions or concerns about your access or activities on-site.

Press & Media FAQs

Popular questions and answers about covering FAN EXPO St. Louis before, during, and after the show.

FAN EXPO St. Louis encourages media from all formats and locations who intend to cover the convention to apply for media accreditation; however, due to the large volume of applications, not all applications are approved.

A Note About Attending Panels, Workshops, etc.

At FAN EXPO St. Louis, our priority is to provide fans with the best possible fan experience. Therefore, we are unable to set aside seats at all panels and events for media; however, in some cases, special arrangements can be made to set aside seats. If you wish to attend a specific panel or event, please connect with the Media Team.

The Media Team is standing by for your interview requests, whether they be pre-event phone interviews, in-studio visits, or on-site interviews in-person. Interviews with Celebrity Guests are granted depending on the Celebrity’s availability and if the Celebrity approved the interview. Interviews are NOT guaranteed and are limited. Pre-arranged interview requests can be sent to Jerry Milani at jerry.milani@informa.com.