FAN EXPO St. Louis hosts a wide range of fans who are ready to shop at your booths for all things Comics, Anime, Gaming, Sci-Fi, Horror and more.

Applications will be available soon.

Artist Alley

Are you an amateur or professional artist/craftsperson? Do you create one of a kind pieces of your own work? Items typically sold in Artist Alley include original artwork and commissions, sculptures, jewelry, pins and buttons. If this sounds like you, apply for Artist Alley!


Are you a comic book store owner? Does your company sell toys, collectibles, games, DVDs, books, apparel and cosplay items? You can apply to be a retailer!

Cosplay Alley

Are you a Cosplayer? Looking for a place to sell your photographs, autographs and other cosplay related items? This is your opportunity to show off your costuming skills, meet your fans, make new fans, and grow your social media following! If this sounds like you, apply for Cosplay Alley!


Are you a company looking for a corporate presence at the show or looking for more information about sponsorship possibilities?