March 30 - April 2, 2023

Orange County Convention Center



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MEGACON Orlando 2021 After Parties Recap

By Heather Bedor, Fan Meetups Ambassador (Orlando Chapter)

Stop if you’ve heard this one before: Spiderman, Captain America, and Batgirl walk into a bar…Or even better yet, a MEGACON Orlando Afterparty hosted by Moshi Moshi Productions! If you have not had the opportunity to experience one of our official after parties you are surely missing out. Whether you dress in cosplay, or just dress to impress, meeting up with your squad, or going solo, there is something there for everyone’s taste. Each party is themed from beginning to end with a unique fandom-based genre. This year was no different!

To start things off, Thursday night’s Official MEGACON Kickoff Party “Sub Zero” was hosted at ICEBAR Orlando. The most notable part of the night, besides entering a bar, below freezing, completely made, down to the glasses, out of 70 tons of carved ice, was the dance circle that went for quite some time. A personal favorite were the human-sized penguins break dancing or when Mario and Luigi battled it out! 

Friday night, “Camp Cosplay at Crystal Lake” was hosted at 3NINE and featured some incredible “killer” cosplays along with fun giveaways and Go Go Dancers. 

Saturday was the crux of the weekend at the “11th Annual Official MEGACON Saturday Afterparty-Mega Multiverse Ball”. Saturday nights are traditionally a masquerade, and this one definitely didn’t disappoint. Creativity reigned supreme here and the cosplay mashups were on a whole other level. 

Each party hosts a cosplay contest and this year’s contestants not only came to play but they came to DOMINATE. Try your hand at attending one of our afterparties in the future. Make new friends and enjoy the constant parade of people watching and cosplay culmination. And you know what they say it ain’t no party like a MEGACON party!