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Let's Rank

Video Game Movie Adaptations

Let’s not be PC about this list, sometimes we have to SWITCH it up and double-down on what’s good and what’s SEGA. In February’s Let’s Rank, we are looking back, and forward, on Hollywood's video game to movie adaptations. Prepare for a system update, because this might take a while… PS(5): we have a special surprise for you at the end of this read. GAME ON.

Tomb Raider - WIN

I think we can all admit that when Tomb Raider (2018) was first announced everyone was expecting Angelina Jolie to make her penultimate return as the adventurous heiress Lara Croft. We were pleasantly surprised to see Ex Machina star and Oscar winner Alicia Vikander take on the role. This version of Tomb Raider brought us the action and grit that was often lost in the original series of films. Though it didn’t resonate completely with fans, it got enough praise that we’ll be seeing a sequel. Maybe we’ll get a couple remakes of the games too? Or perhaps it's not a treasure worth finding…

Warcraft - FAIL

With World of Warcraft being such a global phenomenon, extending into all forms of pop culture, it had all the tools to become a successful movie. Sadly, the fans didn't seem to think so. Many thought the movie tried too hard to resemble the format of the PC game which took away from the actual plot of the movie. Others blamed the botched dialogue between the main characters and the inclusion of too much CGI? All in all, PC game adaptations might be the trickiest to approach in film. Ultimately, it'll be difficult for any writer to create a plot that goes beyond the confines of the game.

The Witcher - WIN

Toss a coin to your Witcher, and get us season 2!! We were not expecting to LOVE this series, but we couldn't help but be enchanted by the series storytelling, grittiness, and originality from the source material. We're used to seeing Henry Cavill dawn the cape of Superman, so we were shocked to see him completely flip the script from a hero to an anti-hero. Just based on this role alone we can totally see him playing the villain in another fantasy series. (Yes, we are taking suggestions). Now, if only our next entry had the same amount of luck.

Assassins Creed - FAIL

There's a good movie somewhere in Assassin's Creed. Sadly the one we got was not. Having Michael Fassbender as your lead actor was an excellent choice. The premise, much like the game, is to enter the 'Animus' and uncover a secret artifact of your ancestors to save humanity blah blah. That's all good and whatnot, but he only went back in time THREE TIMES! The majority of the movie was Fassbender waking up in the present for a lengthy, and quite pointless, conversation. Kudos to the game itself for creating fantastic lore, too bad it didn't translate well to the big screen.

Detective Pikachu - WIN

When talking about the best video game movies, it's hard not to include our favorite pocket monster Pikachu. No, we're not talking about the horrible animated movies (HOOPA), we're talking about Detective Pikachu! Hilariously fun dialogue from Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith, with enough action to keep your IRL Pokémon fantasies satiated. With much surprise, Detective Pikachu ended up being one of the most successful video game adaptations of all-time. And to its credit, the movie took a beloved concept and made it modern, relatable and entertaining.

Slenderman - FAIL

The entity that haunts the dreams of millennial kids to this day, Slenderman finally made his debut on the big screen. Luckily, the movie had so many plot holes it made it next near to impossible to properly enjoy or be scared by what was happening. Sure, an ominous figure in the forest that constantly follows you IS daunting. However, up close, the CGI of Slenderman took us out of the moment and made him seem less horrifying than the 2D version on PC.  

Upcoming Flicks

Mortal Kombat (2021)

Set to release in May, Mortal Kombat (2021) brings back our favorite fighters for a fight for their lives and the fate of the world.

Sonic 2 (2022)

With the reveal of Tails at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), we expected to see a sequel on the horizon. Thanks to the rings our wish was granted!

Uncharted (2022)

Uncharted featuring Spider-Man star Tom Holland is set to release early next year. With Holland taking on the role of the expert adventurer Nathan Drake.

Dungeons & Dragons (TBD)

Recently announced cast members for the D&D live-action movie include Justice Smith and Michelle Rodriguez! No news yet as to a release date.

Last of Us (TBD)

Recently announced Pedro Pascal with former GoT co-star Bella Ramsey will be taking on the roles of Joel and Ellie from the widely popular video game series The Last of Us. 

Metal Gear Solid (TBD)

Star Wars franchise superstar Oscar Issac will play Snake in the upcoming adaptation the of Metal Gear Solid video game. No news yet on release dates.