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2021 Nerdy Self Care Guide

Written By: Marcus Munoz

After a long year of patience and uncertainty, 2021 is the perfect time to invest in yourself. What could be better than TV binges and ZOOM parties you might ask? Check out our Top 6 Tips for the Ultimate Nerdy Self Care Guide. See, you’re already glowing

Feel Good Films

Cue the streaming service Avengers, coming to save our days from boredom. From Disney+ and Netflix to Hulu and HBO Max, there’s something for everyone. Each streaming service harnesses their incredible power to provide the best in at-home entertainment experiences. But what films or TV series qualify as “self care” you might ask? Well, if you’re going to play it safe, try something with a little more camp with Bridgerton. The show is pretty good, especially if you’re into the fictional Victorian era melo-drama about angsty teens. Otherwise, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied watching the entire MCU timeline. Start. To. Finish. 

We Recommend: WandaVision (Disney+), We Can Be Heroes (Netflix).

Get Movin'!

We're not, not saying you can't go anime-level hard with your workout routines, but there's definitely an easier way to stay active. We promise. With most gyms closed and it being January, we can totally understand that this might not be the most optimal choice for self-care. BUT with that in mind, we think something along the lines of a Wii Fit Trainer might be a fun, interactive, and less like mundane typical cardio work. 

Alternatively, you can fuse two passions by going for long walks with the bonus of catching Pokémon GO along the way. We heard there's a long list of Pokémon GO add-ons, so get to catchin'! 

We Recommend: keyboard finger-flexing (League of Legends)

Brush Up On Your Literature

No, we're not asking you to read Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Rather, we'd like to recommend something a little more adventure and a lot of BAM, SPLAT, KABOOM! With so many new editions of comic book series coming out almost daily it's your job to make sure you're caught up on everything that multi-multiverses have to offer. Did you know there are three, yes, THREE Jokers? Or that all of Marvel's heroes have become zombies?! In order to be a comic book afficionado, one has to start their journey somewhere! 

Check out our favorite comic books at our shop: Shop FAN EXPO

No Frazzle, More Dazzle

This one is especially for all you cosplayers out there. Maintaining the perfect coiffed wig is essential to any complete cosplay look. Whether you’re playing My Hero Academia's Bakugo or DC Comic's Enchantress, the easiest form of costume maintenance is starting from the head before you go to the toe. 

Whether it's a simple occasional brush or a necessary heavy wash, we know that to get the perfect shine you MUST keep that wig ready-to-go on the dime. If Rapunzel, who was locked in a tower most of her life with no access to running water was able to keep her hair at tip-top shape, you can too. 

Become a Plant Parent

What's more satisfying than growing up? How about being a parent? A Plant Parent! During quarantine, many of us have decided to take on the daunting task of becoming a 'guardian of the green.' Though the kids can be a bit prickly or make a total mess of the house, we love to see them flourish into beautiful (sometimes monstrous) creatures of nature. We believe this form of nurturing can be very therapeutic unless your intention is rule over all plant life. Just to note, we personally do not recommend this. 

In any case, maybe you're plant baby will have plant babies of their own. Oh, they grow up so fast *sobs*