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Travel Guide: Pokémon Snap

Photos submitted by Ally King 

Welcome to Travel Guide, your source for the geekiest and most exclusive travel packages in all of fandom. This month, we are exploring the vibrant and varied Lental region from New Pokémon Snap.  
This region consists of six islands, each with their own unique flora, fauna, and feel, so we’re confident that one of our six packages focused on these areas will be the one for you.
Let’s go through all of the options we have available and find your next vacation spot.


The crown jewel of Florio Island is the Florio Nature Park, a lush, green environment where you can see Pokémon up close in their natural habitat. Pick up one of our to-go picnic kits and sit in the plains surrounded by herds of Bouffant, feed the flocks of Swanna swimming and napping in the serene waters, or observe the graceful Florges as it dances in a field of beautiful flowers.  

To really experience all this area has to offer, try out our nighttime packages—you’ll head out after it gets dark to see how the area changes: Hoothoot staring at you from nearby trees, or even Torterra napping with Scorbunny and Grookey. The more adventurous travelers may go in search of the elusive Illumina Spot, an energy phenomenon that can attract rare and luminous Pokémon. In this area, there have been some reports of a giant glowing Meganium plodding through the flower beds … 



Belusylva is for a very particular traveler—those who don’t mind looking a bit harder to find hidden treasures lurking out of sight. If that describes your vacation style, look no further than this island, home to the dense and verdant Founja Jungle. Nap next to a sleeping Slaking, sit in a warm pool with a friendly Quagsire, or join Sobble in the cool air behind the waterfall.  
This island is also home to the mysterious Elsewhere Forest, full of ever-shifting mists and a strange system of seasons, where fall or winter are just neighboring places you can visit at any time. With our guided tours, you can see plenty of elusive Pokémon, such as the shy and adorable Espurr, the spooky Trevenant, or the occasional Sawsbuck prancing through the forest. With a skilled eye, you may even spot a nearly invisible Kecleon camouflaged on a nearby tree.  



Ah Maricopia, the perfect place for a tropical beach vacation. Most travelers start off exploring the many beaches scattering the coast, perfect for sunbathing with the muscley Machamp, making sandcastles with Sandygast, or learning to surf from a nearby Raichu.  
Once you’re ready though, the real attractions are off-shore. Glide across the waters above the Maricopia Reef and explore tidepools, breaching Wailords, and playful Mantines splashing in the waves. Or, better yet, take advantage of our undersea packages, where you’ll submerge below the waters and discover all that the Lental Seafloor has to offer: gentle Cradilys, dueling Clawitzers, and entire channels full of spinning Tentacruel.



If you’re looking to turn up the heat, Voluca should be your first stop. Walk along the Sweltering Sands desert, dodging dust devils and Trapinch-filled sand traps, and you will be rewarded: adorable Cacnea rolling down the dunes, thirsty Hippowdon bathing in the nearby oasis, and quick-footed Heliolisk scampering across the sand. It’s even more interesting at night, when an entire group of Onyx bursts from the earth and takes over entire areas of the desert, along with brilliant showers of Minior falling from the sky.
If you’re an adrenaline junkie, Voluca also boasts the dangerous and exciting Fireflow Volcano, an active volcanic region where the lava flowing from every direction is often the least of your worries. Our skilled guides are masters of managing these risks, which allows you to experience this area as safely as possible. Get as close as you will likely ever get to a fight between two roaring Tyrantrum, or observe the dripping Slugma move in and out of pools of lava, or even witness a Typhlosian flare its fiery frills at you and live to tell the tale.



For a cooler and more “chill” experience in every sense of the word, Durice is the ideal destination. The Shiver Snowfields are a pristine, frigid landscape covered in ice and snow. Put on some snowshoes and venture out into the fields to see towering herds of Mamoswine with little baby Swinub or admire the graceful Vulpix pouncing through the snow. The views from these peaks are world-class even with just a short day hike, and that’s not even covering the ice caves, where you can find solitary Glaceon or hibernating Beartic. 

Please note that we do not offer any official Outaway Cave system packages—these vast and winding tunnels are open for spelunking but are not monitored or guided, so enter at your own risk. Travelers have reported aggressive Steelix activity and unsettling reports of Sableye and Gengar haunting any humans that enter.



Last but not least, our most exclusive travel package: a full historical tour of the Ruins of Remembrance. An artifact of another era, remnants of a long-forgotten civilization. These ruins are full of ancient statues and structures, and many unusual Pokémon have made them their home: the robot-like Golurk, the cryptic Sigilyph, and the strange Beheeyem.  
Rumour has it that our founder, who went missing many years ago, discovered these ruins before anyone else, stumbling upon them for the first time in centuries. Mysterious writings found at the scene seem to match his handwriting, and the insights contained within still inform our guided tour routes today. There is yet another unsolved mystery though: a reference to some one-of-a-kind creature deep within the chambers, with a glowing body and rainbow antlers …