February 18 - 20, 2023

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Here at the FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of fandom. On Team Picks, we
share some of our favorite things we’ve been watching, reading and playing. This month, we’re hand-
picking the scariest horror movies based on what our team is afraid of.

Some people really like being scared, and that extends to situations or themes in horror movies that
they’re particularly afraid of. For other people, it’s helpful to know in advance if something might hit a
little too close to home, so that they’re striking the right balance of fear and fun.

No matter which of those camps you fall into, we hope you enjoy this list of common fears and some
movies that take advantage of them. Here are this month’s picks:

Home Invasion

Social Media Coordinator

Fear: Home invasion. I’m left alone in the house a lot and watching certain movies (The Call, Prisoners,
Taken) has actually made that a bit worse. I watched a lot of those when I was younger and now they
freak me out a little whenever I’m the only one home.

Our picks: There are definitely a lot of movies that involve some kind of person, creature, or malevolent
spirit getting inside your house. Some of the scariest ones for someone with a fear of home invasion
would be: Don’t Breathe, Hush, or for something more supernatural that makes your house feel unsafe,
like Insidious or Paranormal Activity.

Dark Water

Senior Operations Manager

Fear: Dark water. I think it's my own imagination that gets away from me, picturing just about anything
in the water underneath me. Could be a shark, a scary sea creature, or anything I can imagine.

Our picks: Jaws or The Shallows are more obvious picks, but for more of a twist, we’d also throw 2019’s Crawl in
the mix. It uses a hurricane to bring all the water-based monster horror into your house/neighbourhood,
so definitely steer clear of this one if that’s something you’re not into.


Media and Public Relations

Fear: Spiders. The scariest thing for me is that they could lay eggs inside of you—that’s terrifying.

Our picks: If you’re particularly scared of egg-laying, one of the scariest spider scenes in recent memory
is the one from The Mist. It brings together a lot of different spider-related fears (getting trapped in
webs, eggs hatching inside of you, giant spider attacks), so it has a little bit of something for everyone
(unless you’re arachnophobic, in which case, trust us and stay away from this one).

Shower Curtains

Operations Coordinator

Fear: Something hiding behind the shower curtains. I always have them pulled back because of an
irrational fear that someone (or something) is lurking behind them.

Our picks: There’s always Psycho, which is definitely the iconic choice here. But there are a lot of others
related to showers/baths that deserve some horror accolades too: IT (both the 1990 and 2017 versions
have unsettling drain-related scares), The Grudge, and tons of terrifying bath scenes in What Lies