February 18 - 20, 2023

Vancouver Convention Centre

FAN EXPO Vancouver


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WandaVision and the Phase 4 Future of the MCU

Written By Alecia Noel (Fan Meetup Ambassador, Vancouver Chapter)

How about that WandaVision finale?! If you attended the WandaVision panel, then you were witness to all of the What Ifs that could have landed. This panel took place before the final two episodes of the show, where hosts and attendees discussed comic book lore and what we knew about the MCU.

Sure, not all of our hunches came true by the time WandaVision came to its conclusion, but some of those ideas are, surprisingly, still in play as we move forward with the next Phase of Marvel films and shows.

There’s nothing more fun than getting a bunch of avid Marvel fans together to discuss our favourite elements of the show, what we liked and maybe what we didn’t like. We all had our biases too like, is Aaron Taylor Johnson the better Quicksilver? Or is it Evan Peters?

WandaVision was such a great start to the next instalment of Marvel shows and movies, and this event was an awesome way to celebrate that.


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