February 19 - 21, 2022

Vancouver Convention Centre

FAN EXPO Vancouver


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FAN MEETUPS RECAP: Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Written By Alecia Noel (Fan Meetup Ambassador, Vancouver Chapter)

Everyone loves a good Christmas party, but what can you do when COVID-19 prevents you from going? Host a virtual one of course! The four Vancouver Fan Ambassadors came together to host a Virtual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

We recapped the year of 2020. What was good? What was bad? We talked about our favourite Christmas films: who’s the best Santa? Is it Kurt Russell or Tim Allen? What about giving Santa Christmas off? Who would replace him? The ideas were endless and hilarious.

We all sported some ugly Christmas sweaters and just enjoyed each other’s time. Even though we couldn’t spend it in person, we still managed to capture the true meaning of Christmas.

 There are all kinds of incredible virtual FAN MEETUPS going on in the Vancouver chapter.

Check them out here and I’ll see you at the next one: https://meetups.fanexpohq.com/vancouver/