February 19 - 21, 2022

Vancouver Convention Centre

FAN EXPO Vancouver


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FAN MEETUPS RECAP: Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Written By Alecia Noel (Fan Meetup Ambassador, Vancouver Chapter)

Right out of the gates, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier was presenting audiences with those hard-hitting topics like racism and trauma. We loved seeing the struggles and rejoicing over character triumphs, so naturally we had to host a panel dissecting Marvel's latest show.

We chatted about Marvel's newest Captain America, booing John Walker (but praising the amazing performance of Wyatt Russell), and simping over the return of Baron Zemo.

The event turned out to be one big fan freak out as everyone had so much to say on the show. And if you haven't watched it yet, take this as your sign to watch it now.

 If you’d like to join us at our next Vancouver chapter meetup, you can check those out here and I’ll see you at the next one: https://meetups.fanexpohq.com/vancouver/