February 18 - 20, 2023

Vancouver Convention Centre

FAN EXPO Vancouver


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Welcome back to Cat Fight! It is I, the infamous and iconic, Chattermouth the Cat back again with an exciting (and controversial) question in the world of pop culture for you non-felines to consider. Let’s begin.

QUESTION: In a post-Game of Thrones world, the demand for medieval and high fantasy TV has increased greatly. From The Witcher, to the upcoming Lord of The Rings series, and most recently Cursed it's a great time to be a fantasy fan. However, a lot of these shows come as quickly as they go and their storytelling quality varies from amazing to ho-hum. So now I wonder: Are we victims of a mad dash to create ‘fast food’ fantasy TV?  

YES --  Higher production values aside, some of today’s fantasy shows feature unpolished storytelling and one dimensional characters. Some are even awash with long-in-the-tooth pacing and awkward exposition. What plagues all these shows is too many episodes and not enough story which result in forgettable experiences. Is this a consequence of streaming? No doubt. But with the genre at an even bigger stage than ever it would be nice to have writers put more care into their shows and aim for more than just a decent storyline.

NO --  Listen here: Hey, fast food still provides nourishment. Every show isn’t designed to be a high-minded affair and shows like Cursed or The Witcher are designed to be just plain entertaining. The larger conversation should be around on how quickly we get through shows. Instead of trying to keep up with online chatter perhaps we’d have a greater appreciation for shows if we took our time and watched them over a couple weeks — not days. Not to get all doom and gloom, but we’re going to find out in a couple short months that there won't be much new TV until next year. So take your time, because satisfying is sometimes good enough.