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Best Comments: October

Everyday our fans SHARE some of the wildest, other times questionable, but also really funny and insightful comments. Now, we want to spotlight the awesome things we see in the feed and share it with everyone for a laugh or to look at something in a different way.

Check out our screenshots of all the comments that made us think too hard, laugh too loudly, and lightened our moods.


Which zombified superhero would be the most dangerous? We agree with Michael here: teleporting zombie Nightcrawler is terrifying.


We think Emily may have been hungry when she gave this “best Mark Hamill role” answer.


Want to keep those Disney dad jokes coming? Be our guest.


We don’t know what we would bring to a Hobbit party, but we do know it would be tough to beat Deanna’s cake.


When we asked which Bill Murray movie you’ve re-watched the most times, we should have expected this joke. Well done!


We know we’re supposed to be focusing on which character is the best at punching, but we are still in awe of the powerful phrase “I know not Goku”.