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Best Comments: December

Everyday our fans SHARE some of the wildest, other times questionable, but also really funny and insightful comments. Now, we want to spotlight the awesome things we see in the feed and share it with everyone for a laugh or to look at something in a different way.

Check out our screenshots of all the comments that made us think too hard, laugh too loudly, and lightened our moods.


Full of plot holes, the Jedi’s philosophy is.


Mike woke up today, had to choose between Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and X-Men, and didn’t hesitate to just go for it. Bold move, Mike!


Waking up as an NPC in your fave video game? Katelyn has correctly identified that waypoints would be a really weird part of that experience.


More NPC slice of life. Ah, to be a Pokémon trainer just waiting for someone to come back and beat my lvl. 5 Pidgey.


While they’re at it, we’re also going to need these three versions of Batman to solve the mystery of: who let the dogs out?


In a competition to figure out the best pilot, the guy who plays with dinosaur toys is an unexpected but totally legitimate finalist.