JUNE 2 - 4, 2023

Pennsylvania Convention Center

FAN EXPO Philadelphia


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Exhibitor List

FAN EXPO Philadelphia 2022 Exhibitors Include:



Account Name Booth Number

3D Printing by Mucky Chris 527

AcieAnneArt A188

Akanyte A127

Alex Lynn Crafts A215

Allied Global Marketing CORP1

Altruistic Gifts 812

Amourable Art 412

Andromeda's Attic PR13

Animation Legends 601

apocalyss A214

Arrow J Knight A156

Art by Lorlocks A120

Art of Dominic Glover 625

Art of Emfitz PR21

Art of Kevin Hinkle A113

Artcade Designs A102

Artichoke Presents A108

Artist Alliez PR16, PR24, A201-A208

ArtofEli A133

AT&T Corporation 201

Austin Walter Ventures LTD 912

Awesome Minis 731

Axeadelphia A158


Bearded Artist PR27

Belli-Buttons A160

Bellissima Rosa A230

Wild Bill's Olde Fashioned Soda 909

Blulious A249

Boba Rally 825

Boundless Manga A163


Brant Banker A105

Bree Skye Art A103

Brick by brick design 231

Bricks and Broomsticks 725

Brush Quibblies A114

Bubble Jar Art LLC A134

Bucket Art 616

Bunnydeux A139

Butter Side Down PR17

C. M.Manfredi?s Emporium of Wonders A107

Capie Creative A135

Cartoon Passion 824

Case-Ology 206

Catherine Wu A155

CBCS Comics CBCS 1 & 2

CDH Creations 932

CdubbArt PR08

Celtis A161

cheppoly A183

Cherry Treats A233

Cheryl's Quilts & Crafts A153

Chicago Costume 606

Chroma Coma A164

Cleveland Sleeves 713

Collectors Universe llc 707

Collectorsheaven 801

Comic Uno A129

comix cardz A232

Copper Coast Confections 200

Crooked & Beautiful A170

Cypritree PR11

dana macellaro A219

Dani Cat Designs A231

Dice Dungeons 715

Digital Media Institute 911

Digital PIMP PR15

DMK Collectibles 215

Doctor Gus Designs 916

Dragon's Clutch Jewelry A224

Dragonsgate PR25


E. L. Books 814

E?s apparel 101

East Side Comics 313

Ed Bareiss 714

Emy clemence Illustration A140

Enchanted Shire 820

end zone 421

end zone 421

ErikArreaga.com A138

Family Dragon 426

Frankie's Comics 431

Freelance inker A174

Freestyle Komics A154

Friendship and Fandoms A238

G10 Studios AB255

Gallery Panda 125

Game of HAM LLC 617

Geek Boy Press A143

Geek Emporium A250

Gem City Books 501

Gendakiwi A106

GenkiGoth Studios A240

Gigantic Deals/Galactic Toys 701

Golden Memories 211

Hahahehe studio A189

Hand Over the Hero PR20

Hare and Hatter's Tea Company A229

HelkPixel A124

Heroes & Damsels 902

Herofied PR03

HimeKiss A241

Holly Berries Art A115

Hon-Bun Leung PR22

Hot Flips Supplies HF01, HF02

Hungry Artist Llc A245

Hyperbooster Studio A141

Illuminidol LLC 706

I'm in my feelings A244

Iminzemi A248

Ink Pocket Art A136

Interstellar Dice A171

IONOX Media 900

Iron Wolf Traders 712

Item Get PR10

Jackie's Copper Creations A227

James Spence Authentication, LLC 217

Jamie Tyndall Inc PR04

Jed Thomas PR09

JeffMorett.art A144

Jennifer Taylor A223

JLG Comics A211

John Gebbia Art A168

JPUSA Enterprises LLC 117eta

Junction City Comics A151

Justine Dillenbeck Illustrations 816

Kabirkill LLC 818

Kairuichan A185

Kingdom Comics A176

kirseel A184

koko kuma 806

Konkret Comics LLC A242

KopyCat Kreations A112

Kudoze inc A255

Lieutkenny and RedhandedNicole A159

Literary Alterations 406

Lost Art Studios LLC A166

Lost Imaginations PR14

LoversOverLosers A236

Mad 4 Mini Figs 907

Magics Happening PR18

Mazz Comics and Collectibles, LLC 219

MBartist PR06, PR07,A180, A192, A196, A213, 631

Mego 417

Michael Calero Art PR02

Michael D'Ambrosio A175

Michael Kulick Artworks A147

Miniverse 903

Misty Mountain Gaming 400, 524

Mo Carry A191

Moonphire Design A186

MTC Toys USA, LLC 117

Mtstar 624

Musetap Studios PR26

Neil R King Illustration A221

Neko Mission 807

neocity222 A101

Neon Culture 727

Nerdy Novelty Design 621

Nina Draws A110

Norse Legion 525

Not Just 2 Artists A217

NuBirth Comix A132

Number 12 Creations A123

Origin Comics 123eta

Paoh Sentient Art A190

phib PR01

Philip McNulty A210

pineapplebread A142

Pixel Empire 724

pixel3ree PR17a

PixelThat 830

planetpyro A253

Player One Games 600

Pocket Jacks Comics A169

Pop Pastel A152

Press Start Games New England 619

Prison Dad A235

Qid3Vision AB256

Quirkilicious Inc PR23

Rachelle-isms A109

RC Comics 316

RC Young A222

Real McCoy Collectibles 716

Redbird Embroidery Etc A128

Ruby Art 607


Sarah Miller Creations A125

Scott Straka Art A218

Sean Anderson Art PR24

Sean Carlson Art A206

Secrets of Stone 813

Sigma Comics 425

Sigma Comics 425

SKG Retrogaming LLC 103

Some Saxy Art A220

Sonyalei A237

Source Point Press 401

Spitfire Labs 721

Spotty Production A167

Steebiru A118


Stormwatch Comics 318

StrawBunnyCake A145

studio 107 david riley A150

Studio Guts LLC 730

Sukesha Ray A148

Sunny Sponder A137

Super Sox Shop A247

Super Sword 225, 831

Syncope Studios A131

SyrrenSong A130

Tasty Peach Studios 416

Ted Woods Art A225

TeeMinus24.com 424

TeeTurtle 800

Tenacious Toys 720

thatskidding A121

The Art of Megan Withey PR05

The Artistic Dabbler A162

The Collectors Lair 518

The Colorful Geek 613

The Comic Corner 319

The comic mint 326

The Marketing Arm CORP2

The Wicked Cottage A252

Think Goodness 615

This that and the Other Anime and Gaming 817

Till Geeks Do Us Part A119

Tim Furey Art A100

Timeskip Studio PR19

Tina superstar A216

T-Mobile 201

ToffiRabbit A122

TomAmiciArt A149

Toyzfromthedarkside 427


Tristan Justice Art A251

Type 3 Studios, LLC 121eta

Ultimate Comics 325

Uncharted Territories 815

Undiscovered Realm 700

Unknown Comics LLC 331

Unshaven Comics, LLC A177

US Army, Mid Atlantic Recruiting CA

V1 Tech 517

Valeza CA

Vandel M Studios PR12

Vince Price Art A226

VincentDunnArt A111

VOID 119eta

Wade's Comic Madness 321

Weapon Direct 906

Welcome Back Comics 307, 324

Whimsic Alley 719

Wickedly Blerdy A179

Wild Bills Olde Fashioned Soda 909

Wizyakuza 420

Wolf's Lighted Crystal Necklaces, Inc. 107

Woodside Illustrations A178

XSD Express 901

Yanimator Art & Flairfighter A116

Yellow Pencil Drawing House Inc 732

Zenescope Entertainment 301

Zenescope Entertainment 301