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Star Trek Life Lessons

Through its many years, iterations, and adventures, Star Trek continues to be a source of not just entertainment, but of inspiration. Its teachings in morality and life linger in the minds of many fans, and we find ourselves muttering phrases as we ‘boldly go’ on our own voyages on planet Earth.    

While the wisdom of Star Trek reaches far and wide (there are even published pieces of literature exploring the ethical teachings of the fandom), we decided to round up a few, and just a few, valuable lessons from Star Trek that we’ve learned over the years to help us Live Long and Prosper.

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Boldly Go

Spaceship (Enterprise) flies over Earth.

The continuing mission of the Enterprise is to, of course, explore strange new worlds. While we don’t have other planets we can head off and explore, we have plenty down here on earth to discover; places, cultures, hobbies, jobs, people…the list really does go on and on. Boldly go where YOU haven’t gone before. Keep your curiosity propelling you forward, and don’t fear the unknown.

You’re Only as Good as Your Team

Chekov, Kirk, and Sulu sit on the Enterprise (spaceship).

A consistent theme across all series and films is the emphasis of people (or shall we say ‘living beings’) coming together to save the day and, usually, each other. They do this by embracing each other’s differences and working as a team to get themselves out of whatever sticky situation they might find themselves in. A lot of us have been hermits for a while (this writer included), but it’s time for us to come together and realize we’re stronger when we work together.  

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Kirk, McCoy, and Spock interact with an alien species (Horta) in a cave.

Very often the crew of the Enterprise would find that their first impressions of a new race were off base. Take for instance their encounter with the Horta, who they assumed were the enemy only to find out they were the species being persecuted and were actually very intelligent and loyal. This might be one of the most common lessons through Star Trek’s history: never judge a book by its cover.  

Logic & Emotion Both Have Their Place

Spock and Kirk.

Kirk and Spock constantly find themselves in heated debates over whether thinking logically or being driven by emotion will save the day. Often, there’s a bit of a both. Using logic allows you to see the black and white of a situation, while following emotion is what makes you human. Both are beautiful, and both have their place. Never be ashamed of either because they will both help you save the day.

Keep a Captain's Log

Captain's Log on computer screen

The Captain's log was a way to keep records of missions because, let’s face it, with the number of missions the Enterprise embarked on, it would be nearly impossible to remember everything off the top of your head (unless you’re Data). The lesson here is to WRITE IT DOWN. Whether you’re in a meeting or a friend just told you an important upcoming date, make a note of it. You might get side-tracked, and you’ll be glad to come back to that log/note to keep you on top of your voyages.

Never Feed a Tribble

Kirk in a pile of Tribbles

No further explanation is needed here. Never. Feed. A. Tribble.  
(Did you think these were all going to be serious?)