JUNE 30 - JULY 2, 2023




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Let's Rank: The Office Best Bits

Over the last year and a half - or the period that has felt like 10 years - many people have been re-watching comfort TV shows. These shows are familiar (no unexpected surprises) and feel-good, with characters we come to adore as much as our own friends and family. One of these shows is, of course, The Office.  

With many of us having re-watched this series in the last little while (or re-watched and re-watched and re-watched) we’ve rounded up some of our personal fave bits of The Office to add a little bit more serotonin in your life. 

The Dundies

The annual awards show which annually ends up a little messier than it should have is always riddled with gags, scandal, and lots and lots of alcohol.

The Teapot

Get ready; this isn’t the last you’ll hear from Jim and Pam on this list. Jim’s secret santa gift is ridiculously adorable, and by the time it finally gets to her (having made its rounds through the office) it’s revealed that inside the teapot is a bunch of items tied to their inside jokes. D’AWWW.

Lazy Scranton

Featuring Dwight and Michael, this parody of Saturday Night Live’s work of art ‘Lazy Sunday’ was…iconic.

The DVD Logo

While a lot of the antics at Dunder Mifflin are a little outlandish, one of the most relatable gags comes from the bouncing DVD logo on the TV screensaver. Before the days of streaming, who hadn’t sat there and waited for the logo to finally touch the corner? It’s THRILLING.

Jim's Proposal

It might not seem like the most romantic setting, and yet this has to be one of the MOST romantic proposals in pop culture. Swoon.

Michael and the Mafia

When Michael becomes convinced that a salesman he’s working with is a member of the Mafia, he makes sure he gets his salad ‘on the side’. Anyone else continue saying gabagool after this episode?