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Your Best Comments: December

Everyday our fans SHARE some of the wildest, other times questionable, but also really funny and insightful comments. Now, we want to spotlight the awesome things we see in the feed and share it with everyone for a laugh or to look at something in a different way.

Check out our screenshots of all the comments that made us think too hard, laugh too loudly, and lightened our moods.


The ultimate question: Baby Yoda OR Grogu?! While you were all busy debating - The Child was off on a space adventure. 


If you were to cast the perfect role of Millie Bobby Brown, what would it be? Based on the debate over on Twitter, we thought...that might not be a bad idea. CASTING DIRECTORS TAKE NOTE. 


There was a HOT debate of whether Buffy should have ended up with Spike or Angel? Jennifer really pulled out the receipts on that one. Debate has since been settled. 


We asked fans to determine where Gandalf and Saruman were off to in their little golf cart. This was one of the responses. *crashes staff to the ground in a fiery blaze* 


Saddest character death? We would have to agree.. 


What is the BEST score in cinema? With so many options out there Stephanie was kind of enough to break it down for us, and we'd have to agree. *chefs kiss*