May 30 - June 1, 2025

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center



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Cosplayer of the Month – Harley Frances

1. What city are you based in?
I currently do most of my con work in and around the DFW area, though I’m hoping to begin branching out into bigger and further places!

2. How did you get into cosplay initially?
When I was younger my happy, bubbly attitude didn’t blow over well with everyone I met, so eventually, I began withdrawing and turning to TV. There I found Batman: The Animated Series and fell in love with Harley Quinn as a character. After I started dressing the way she did while keeping my bubbly demeanor, people loved it. Harley Quinn and cosplay have been in my veins ever since.

3. How did you get into TikTok?
A friend of mine urged me to download and try it to make funny videos but I hardly ever used it. But one day I had the urge to make Dr. Quinzel videos and one of the videos I made blew up, taking me from having 50 fans for over 2 years to over 2,000 overnight. It’s been growing ever since.

4. What would you say is the key to making a good TikTok?
Lighting, a good background, know your movements, and know your audio. Lip syncing isn’t easy. Practice, practice, practice!

5. What’s the cosplay community on TikTok like?
To me, it’s just the same as the DFW community. You have your good and you have your bad but the good ones will stick with you and up for you against all odds. We have each other’s backs.

6. Do you have a cosplay piece or video that you are most proud of?
I can’t say I have a favorite video, but all of my bat and mallet props are handmade and named! They’re my most favorite girls!

7. Is there a fellow cosplay TikToker that you look up to or inspires you?
That would have to be No Ordinary Makeup Mom. She is incredible with makeup, literally turning her face into the face of the character she chooses. And I would love to acquire those skills. I’ve done it once with Geralt of Rivia but as many faces as she does? There’s so many!

8. If you could give any piece of advice to new cosplayer's, what would it be?
Connect with your character. Try to find a true connection between yourself and the character you choose to help you latch onto their personality and better become them. Each character I cosplay is special to me in their own way, so find those connections for your own and help them grow.