March 24 - 26, 2023

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

FAN EXPO Cleveland


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Exhibitor List


FAN EXPO Cleveland 2022 Exhibitors

Company Name Booth #

782Graphics A704

Aaron Lambert Art A309

Adam's Action Figures & Comics 514

Adam's Artbox A400

Aequitas Comics 526

Agents of Ohio CM05

Akanyte A204

Alberto Gomez Art A602

alphanul A115

Amiculus Books A513

Amourable Art 403

Andrea Radeck A214

Andrew Heath: Designs & Illustration A312

Animation Legends 223

Armory Quest 105

Art by Joe Lisi 231

Art By Michal Overholts, LLC PR01

Art of Alexander Iaccarino A208

Art of Dominic Glover 327

Arts By Curtis A415

Author Ray Wenck A209

Babu Sabers and More LLC A304

Belli-Buttons A410

Bill's Books & More 516

Blulious A700

Boson Studios 118

Boundless Manga A212

Bricks and Broomsticks 411

Broken Tower Press PR09

Bucket Art 312

C.M.Manfredi's Emporium of Wonders A100

Cartoon Passion 523

Chocolate Fusion 113


Chopped and carved Pyro Orchid 415

Chroma Coma A109

Claude Raymond Design LLC A712

Cleveland Asian Festival CM02

Cleveland Ghostbusters CM15

Cleveland Sleeves 121

Collectible Empire, LLC 119

Collectorsheaven 131

comic pop collectibles 517

Comics Are Go 521

Creative Design Studio A701

Creative Imaginations 405

Culture Cutouts A102

Custom Broadway A707

DamageARTS A604

Dan's Toys 319

Death of Color 525

DHD Designs Ohio LLC A711

Doggie Danna A605

Donald I. Templeman PR11

Dragonwycks PR10

E.D.E. Bell A705

fairyshop 425

Fangirl Frames PR08

Fantastical Curiosities A515

Frank J Bennett A715

Frank James Bailey A113

Freestyle Komics A409

Galaxy Con 120A

Gallery Panda 321

Gem City Books 413

Ghost Tea Studio A708

Gigantic Deals/Galactic Toys 313

GinGee Girls Art 229

Glowing Vista Gifts 225

Golden Mane Illustrations A101

Golden Memories 513

Greater Cleveland Film Commission CM10

Greentea Design 1107

Hannah Hillam Illustration A313

Hayley Modica A305

Hometown Comics & Games 417

Hrothgar's Hoard LLC 123

Hyperbooster Studio A606

I am an author A614

Ian Moss Creative A612

James Spence Authentications 232

Jamie Tyndall Inc PR03

Jayne Strange A306

Jed Thomas A408

Jellykoe PR07

JH Comics A110

John Gebbia Art A601

JPUSA Enterprises LLC 126

koko kuma 315

Krayzehouse Development Entertainment A307


Lee Xopher A213

LifeWaves LLC 116

Lilisys A210

Literary Alterations 509

LokiiArt A301

Lovers over Losers A510

M. R. Gunn Art, LLC A106

Manga Mystress manga & comix A108

Markley Bros. Entertainment, LLC 122/124

Marmewa Art A600

Matsuri Con CM06

Matt Peppler Illustration & Graphic Design A105

Maydak LLC A203

Memehub LLC 129

Merch Guy Merch / Justin Roberts A201

Mikaila Makes Illustration A608

Mikan 115

Miniworld Entertainment 427

MJE Enterprises, LLC 213



Musetap Studios PR02

My 4 Sons Comics Cards & Games 234

Myth and Stitch Embroidery A702

Nacreous Studio A703

Nate Jones Design A509

Nate Xopher A414

Neko Mission 421

neocity222 A713

Neon Culture 228

Night Apple Creations A512

Nomnivore Games Inc PR13

OddMall CM09

Olivia Oltmanns A714

OOAKrafts Ltd. 117

OrchardWorks Magic Wands 1121

Pastel Pirate Designs A200

Peachie Kei A603

PescEffects- The Art of Jerry Pesce LLC 329

Phat Dragon A300

Pinepog Art A615

Pixel Empire 221

Pixel Raptor Designs A609

Pixelwayve Studios A315

Pocket Jacks Comics PR12

PopFixx Toyz 135

Portreii A103

Potter's Alley Gifts 226

PYE Games 527

Randy Crider A508

Retro Rewind Pops LLC 1115

Rigo Creations 1119

Rubber City Cosplay CM17

Ruby Art 324

RZP Art A611

samurai west 531

Sarah Miller Creations A205

Secrets of Stone 522

Sewn By Jenn 1103

Sigma Comics 218

SKG Retrogaming LLC 133

Sky Aerial Studio CM08

Smuggles for Muggles A303

Soulyart A413

Source Point Press 203

Spooky Baby and Friends 1109

Squishable 104

Star Wars Galaxies United CM13

Steve Messenger Art A308

Studio Fluff LLC A208

Sunny Sponder A412

Super Group Hugs A206

Super Heroes to Kids CM14

super sword 233 & 409

Table Top Candle Company A202

Tales Unlimited, LLC. A706

Tasty Peach Studios 325

Ted Sikora Films & Hero Tomorrow Comics PR14 222

TeeTurtle 423

Terramasu LLC A514

That Poster Shop ! 414

The Art Of Barcode A710

The Art of Megan Withey PR06

The Federation CM12

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire 120

The Merchant of Many Things 214

The Saturday Night Slasher A503

Thrillseeker Entertainment A211

T-Mobile 503

treasured roses 102

Triple7SP A507

Tristan Young Art A404

TSM Creations A310

Twistedwire Art A501

Undiscovered Realm 103

US Army, Mid Atlantic Recruiting 533

USS Lagrange CM04

V1 Tech 333

vinyl record art 1105

Virgo vibes by Kimikim A613

Vulgardragons den 109

Wayward Cross Studios A505

We Are All Corrupted 428

Westlake Porter Public Library CM11

Wizyakuza 1111

Women of Letters CM03

Wulfgar Weapons CM16

Yanimator Art & Flairfighter A112

Zen Emporium-FL 432