July 7 - 10, 2022

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

FAN EXPO Chicago


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FAN EXPO Chicago Special Events are fun-filled events that require something a little extra such as registration, or special tickets, in order to attend. Some events are during the convention and others are outside of show hours. Sign up to be the FIRST to know about upcoming events, announcements and exclusive offers.


Prepare for an unforgettable evening with The Four Hobbits. Join Pippin Took (Billy Boyd), Merry Brandybuck (Dominic Monaghan), Samwise Gamgee (Sean Astin) and Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood), as they reunite onstage.


Come join your fave stars from Clerks as Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) and Jason Mewes (Jay) sign autographs, take pictures (as themselves and in character), answer fan questions, and maybe make a quick stop at Quick Stop.


The superstars of comics are coming to Chicago for this exclusive comics experience featuring Greg Capullo (Batman), Jock (Batman), Steve McNiven (Wolverine), Marc Silvestri (Image Comics), and Zeb Wells (The Amazing Spider-Man). Sketch and remark upgrade packages available.

The Friendship Onion Podcast

A live taping of the Friendship Onion Podcast. Here is a link to their podcast info that shows a summary of their show: The Friendship Onion on Apple Podcasts. They will be featuring all of the amazing elements of their hit Friendship Onion podcast including tongue twisters, riddles and much more, including many surprises!

One Day Only with Geoff Johns

For one day only, come meet Geoff Johns in Artist Alley for a special signing event. On Saturday, July 9, Geoff will be signing at his table during two sessions: 2 PM -4 PM and 4:30 PM- 6:30 PM. Get your ticket today and don't miss this amazing opportunity.

Joe Quesada Autograph Signing

Marvel's former Chief Creative Officer is making a special appearance at FAN EXPO Chciago. He will be signing autographs (ticket required) and a remark (quick sketch) option is available.  

Marginalized Murders PODCAST LIVE

Calling all armchair detectives! Join host Carly Roland for a live episode of the true-crime hit, Marginalized Murder: The Case of the 51--the largest, active serial murder mystery straight out of Chicago. During our deep dive into all things true crime, we'll unravel clues, hunt for leads and meet special guests as we unravel the case.


Animated characters have befriended our imaginations since childhood, but have you ever wondered, "Who is the person behind that VOICE?" I Hear Voices is a celebration of our favorite VOICES in animation, video games, anime, and more! Hosted by the dynamic Kim Possible duo, Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens, Big Hero 6) and Will Friedle (Boy Meets World, Batman Beyond), this family-friendly podcast invites you to learn about the people behind your favorite characters. And now here is your chance to join in for a live taping of their podcast! You can watch as Christy and Will bring their amazing podcast from the studio directly to the fans for an extra special family friendly event complete with all the great parts of their podcast along with some surprise guests!

Cosplay Photography for Cosplayers

Come learn to tips and tricks of being in front of the camera in cosplay - and get professional photos by CosAwesome Studios in the process. James T. Wulfgar and other members of CosAwesome Stuidos guide you through what to look for, how to pose for lighting and effect, and much more. There will be a professional photographer at the shoot and everyone in attendance will get at least one photo from them (digital copy). Participants are encouraged to show up in or out of cosplay.

WHEN: Friday, July 8 @ 5:30 PM 

- Presented by CosAwesome Studios and FAN EXPO

Cosplay Foam Building / Foamsmithing Workshop

Come learn to build with floor-mat and craft (EVA) foam while James T. Wulfgar, Seth Knight, and other members of CosAwesome Studios & Wulfgar Weapons guide you through your choice of a few foam builds. We will help you by presenting how to build them, answering questions, showing tricks, etc.

WHEN: Saturday, July 9 @ 2 PM  

- Presented by CosAwesome, Wulfgar Weapons and FAN EXPO 

Cosplay Painting and Weathering Workshop

Come learn to paint props and armor while James T. Wulfgar, Seth Knight, and other members of CosAwesome Studios & Wulfgar Weapons guide you through your choice of a few foam builds. We will help you by presenting how to build them, answering questions, showing tricks, etc.

WHEN: Sunday, July 10 @ 12 PM

- Presented by CosAwesome, Wulfgar Weapons and FAN EXPO


Konnichiwa! Maid Café Mikkusu welcomes FAN EXPO Chicago attendees to experience an actual Akihabara-style maid cafe presentation similar to the ones in Japan. Your ticket for this all-ages event includes a kawaii meet and greet with the maids, a short stage performance, games, and other immersive elements. Additionally, each attendee will receive a small gift from their maid before departing the café. Be sure to follow @MaidCafeMikkusu on social media! Tickets are $25.