October 22-24, 2021

Metro Toronto Convention Centre


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FAN MEETUP RECAP: Dungeons & Dragons Epic Adventure

Written By Jeremy Johnston (Fan Meetups Ambassador, Toronto Chapter)

Last month, for our Dungeons & Dragons Epic Adventure, over 100 of us took on a battle against the flying galleon “Thunderbound” as it descended on Beregost, unleashing the wrath of the cloud giants! To save the town from annihilation, heroes from far and wide awakened the lost machine entombed under Durlag’s Tower, the airship, The Ark of the Mountains, then did battle in the burning skies. Ultimately, we were ... VICTORIOUS! 

This four-hour multi-table interactive adventure was great fun for all who attended and we welcome new players to our future events! Speaking of future events, don’t miss our next event on September 24th, Learning Dungeons & Dragons: The Classes! We’ll be hosting an interactive online fireside chat where we’ll go through all of the classes within Dungeons & Dragons and take your questions.