August 26 - 29, 2021

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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Cosplayer Of The Month - Lydi Scott

Welcome to Cosplayer of the Month, where we feature an incredible cosplayer from our community of fans and learn about who they are beneath the surface and, ahem, WORBLA. This month, we have Lydi Scott!

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Cosplayer Of The Month Questions
Cosplayer Of The Month Questions

What city are you based in?

I’m based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Can you tell us about your first cosplay?

My very first cosplay was an original Borderlands siren character my sister and I co-created, back in 2013. I was just a kid, and I’d only heard of cosplaying. My sister asked me if I wanted to go to FAN EXPO Canada that summer (it was my very first convention, in fact), and she asked if I wanted to wear a cosplay to it. I said yes, but was a bit shy about it. I never thought I would actually step out of my comfort zone enough to try it, but my big sister gave me a much needed boost of encouragement. I’m very grateful she did. I got the clothes together, and my sister, Mieka, did the lovely hair, makeup and tattoos for me. It was so much fun and such a great introduction to the cosplay world. I saw so many awesome cosplayers at FAN EXPO, and I was just in awe. It turned into a yearly thing, where I’d go with Mieka to FAN EXPO and wear a new cosplay every year.

Do you have a cosplay piece that you are most proud of?

The cosplay I’m most proud of would absolutely be the Ciri Redesign I recently finished earlier this year. It was based on Klaus Wittmann’s amazing design of a more Witcher-style Ciri. It took months to make, but I’m so glad I did it. Between the handmade chainmail and the EVA foam armour, it’s gotta be my best-looking costume.

What do you hope to achieve through cosplay?

Cosplay has brought so much happiness into my life, and I want to spread that joy to others. I only hope that what I do can bring a smile to someone, or maybe help to light the spark of cosplay-making for them. It’s a life-changing craft for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Is there a cosplayer that you look up to or inspires you?

I get a lot of inspiration from Maja of @rebelprincesscosplay (IG). Her work is always incredible (she’s done so many epic cosplays, including Kassandra from Assassins Creed, Hawke from Dragon Age, Astrid from Skyrim, and so many more!) She’s a super amazing person, and seeing her quality cosplays always gets me so inspired and excited to create. I’ll always aspire to the level of detail and care she puts into all her costumes. 

If you could give any piece of advice to new cosplayers, what would it be?

The most important advice I would give to new cosplayers would be to not worry, not even a little bit, about getting a cosplay right. You just gotta have fun with it, and be alright with the fact that you will mess up. I screw up so much, even after years of doing cosplay. To this day, I will still make a plan, be really excited about it, only for it to fail hilariously and be back to the drawing board with a half-charred mannequin or a short-circuited glue gun (both of these things have happened, can 100% confirm!). It can feel discouraging, but you gotta just have a good laugh at yourself. Not getting it right is one of my favourite things about cosplay, because all the fails teach you epic lessons that will make you a better creative. Even if you’re not sure where to start, (I get that feeling to this day), pick somewhere, anywhere, and jump in! Embrace the mistakes and failures as well as the wins of the process!

What would you say is the hardest part of cosplaying?

For me, I would say that simply picking a cosplay to make is the hardest part. I have a list of a thousand cosplans I’d like to make, but I can never make as many as I would like. I want to make all of them, but ah, there’s just not enough time. Narrowing it down is always a challenge.  And the list just keeps growing!

Is there a cosplay piece you’re currently working on? 

I’m currently working on a Splicer cosplay from Bioshock, as well as Lady Sif from Thor: The Dark World, and also brainstorming a bunch of OC’s from my stories. Then, I have a Diablo 3 Necromancer lined up for December, as well as Valla’s Christmas skin from Heroes of the Storm. I have way too many cosplans, but it certainly keeps things interesting!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to answer these questions, FAN EXPO, and for choosing me as your cosplayer of the month. FAN EXPO Canada was the con that got me into cosplay in the first place, so I can’t thank you enough. That you like my cosplays means a lot to me. Looking forward to many more fun years at the con. Cheers!