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Your Best Comments: October

Everyday our fans SHARE some of the wildest, other times questionable, but also really funny and insightful comments. Now, we want to spotlight the awesome things we see in the feed and share it with everyone for a laugh or to look at something in a different way.

Check out our screenshots of all the comments that made us think too hard, laugh too loudly, and lightened our moods.


[CAPTION THIS] - Fans were tasked with captioning a photo of Batman filling up at the local gas station. See everyone, Batman is just like everyone else - just with an insurmountable amount of money. 


The big reveal of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Uncharted was incredible! Fans were not shy in sharing their excitement over on our socials 


Who would be the MOST dangerous superhero turned zombie? This says it all...


We asked fans what is the worst DISASTER movie they've seen... No comment. 


What's your Fandom?! There's so many to choose from! In hindsight, it probably wasn't fair to ask just one from the fans...


Ever seen Baby Yoda bake before? It takes great skill and mastery of the whisking technique. Perhaps one day young Padawan, you will be just as worthy as The Child.