AUGUST 12-14 2022

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center



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Geeky Astrology

February Edition

The stars have finally aligned with the introduction of The FHQ Boston Astrology Readings. Dive headfirst into your feelings and discover what’s in store for you this month on all things watchable, readable, and instagrammable. With some luck and a little bit of magic, we’re sure the energy of the cosmos will work in your favor.

Your Readings

*readings are final, no returns or exchanges.  

Disclaimer: For Entertainment purposes only.  


Need to let off some steam, but your kickboxing, Krav Maga, and karate classes are all online and just not cutting it? We know you, dear Aries, and we know what you need right now: to embrace your fighting spirit by catching up on the third season of Cobra Kai that dropped earlier this year on Netflix. Watch on, watch off (but mostly, watch on).


We all enjoy the finer things in life, but you have the unique POV of wanting to have everything while sitting on your couch in your pajamas. The perfect compromise? Watching someone else go take everything you ever wanted. May we recommend the Lupin from Chateau du Netflix this evening? Featuring notes of glittering jewelry, well-tailored suits, fancy cars, and a quiet, rooted confidence that is sure to impress.


With the pace of our lives moving a bit slower than usual, you crave speed, communication, and energy. How about a bonded-for-life girl-and-squirrel duo that go on wild adventures? Also, the squirrel has superpowers. Also the squirrel communicates via typing on a typewriter. Also there’s someone chasing after them, so they need to stay on the move. Keeping up with us? Watch Flora and Ulysses on Disney+.  


Cancer, since you love to get in your feels, we have the perfect recommendation for you. Grab your chocolate and Costco-sized box of tissues because this one is a tearjerker. It’s time to fire up your favorite streaming service (Disney+) and watch Inside Out.


Hello, you drama-adoring Leo. We know you're suffering without your daily dose of drama in real life but don't worry we've got you covered. Unfortunately, we can't help you stir the pot in your personal life but we can recommend you go binge-watch Bridgerton on Netflix. You can just pretend you're Lady Whistledown and watch everything catch fire from the comfort of your own home.


Take a break from your carefully crafted routine and live on the wild side. And by wild side we mean, carve out some time in your busy schedule for some “me time” in the form of a Netflix marathon. Let the anxiety and stress of your busy week melt away as you watch endless episodes of The Office or Parks and Recreation.


Your aristocratic nature and sense of romance often set you apart from the rest of the queen’s court. Be warned, fair Libra, that same nature might entangle you in a loveless relationship and a big empty castle. For tips on love and how to lock down your future partner, watch Bridgerton on Netflix. Who knows, maybe they have the same taste for melodrama...


You wore black on Valentine's Day as if to symbolize laying to rest any hope you had at finding a partner as deeply complex as yourself. Well, curb your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) because things are looking *brighter* as you step into February with more leather in your closet and less Disney on your Watchlist. We recommend modelling your newfound confidence on Moira from Schitt’s Creek.  


We know how stylish you are and can only imagine how you expect everyone else to be the same. But why be like everyone else, right? Sagittarius is fierce, passionate, and admittedly quite controlling. We recommend stepping into February with a new Vision on life, and the multiple possibilities it can hold. Watch WandaVision on Disney+ for a good example.  


As masters of self-control and timing *coughs* know-it-alls *coughs* you’ve probably seen and done it all.  Yes, we know you went “hiking” up all 20 floors of your apartment. We also haven’t forgotten you finished all the seasons of Modern Family while avoiding the temptations of ordering fast food. But you know what? How about for one moment you let go and relax? Maybe even, dare you say it, splurge on yourself and revel in the excess of Bling Empire.    


Another day, another Mercury retrograde. But guess what? That won’t get you down because you have the entire world at your feet. For example, your living room, a gaming console, and other house and apartment utilities. That is all to say, take pleasure in the small things because that is the key to your happiness this month (and quite possibly the next few too). So, sit back and enjoy the miniature EPIC cartoon, from Powerpuff Girls creator, Kid Cosmic.  


As everyone's fave water sign and known for your empathy towards others, today is the day to make time for yourself. Peace out from your DMs and instead... do anything else, really. And there is no better time than now to watch anti-social media documentary, The Social Dilemma and disconnect from online.