AUGUST 4-6 2023

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center



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FAN MEETUP RECAP: Boston Cosplay Showcase

Article written by Marina Giarla 

With FAN EXPO Boston being moved to next year, I knew one of the largest groups of attendees affected would be the cosplayers. So, this past month I had the pleasure of hosting the Boston Cosplay Showcase! In this virtual event, we celebrated the art of cosplay with a number of established local cosplayers and passionate fans of cosplay alike. I believe everyone had a great time being able to connect and nerd out with one another. 

It led an impromptu Q&A where fans asked our Featured Cosplayers questions about themselves and the cosplay creation processes and everyone certainly left learning something new! All in all, the event was a total success, as all the events for the Boston Chapter have been thus far. The Fan Meetups initiative has been such an incredible way to reach out to the fandom communities and unite with one another in a safe, socially distant format. I'm looking forward to all the fun-filled virtual events on the horizon and to the days when we can all meet up in person again!