AUGUST 4-6 2023

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Cat Fight: Avengers Video Game

Welcome back to Cat Fight! It is I, the infamous and iconic, Chattermouth the Cat is back again with an exciting (and controversial) question in the world of pop culture for you non-felines to consider. Let’s begin.

QUESTION: The 2010s were the beginning of what would be the first great decade of superhero video games. We got the Batman Arkham trilogy, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Injustice 2, Sony’s Spider-Man and more. Now, when a superhero game is announced we don’t hope they will be good--we expect them to be. Recently, the game that best captures that expectation is the long-awaited and just released action-adventure game, Marvel’s Avengers which is loosely based on the HUGE Marvel Cinematic Universe films. So now I wonder: Was the Avengers video game worthy of joining the ranks of great superhero games?


The magic of Marvel’s Avengers comes from how it presents a very familiar cast of characters but approaches it through the lens of a relatively known superhero- that is, Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel. A Pakistani- American Muslim, we see Khan fan girl over these legendary figures (much like we would) while discovering her own powers of elasticity. As a result, the game feels fresh and not a retread of the movies. All while still delivering an awesome RPG-lite upgrading system that makes Khan as well as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye such a blast in Co-Op and Multiplayer. And truly this is what we come to these games for: to finally be able to play as them and feel as powerful as they do in the comics and movies.


Avengers suffers like many other superhero games from a tacked-on online component and unfinished gameplay that is a big Marvel “MEH.” Glitches and weird graphic bugs hinder the usually awesome combos and fighting system. Not to mention it introduces an Online leveling up grind post-single player campaign that doesnt mesh very well with the games fighting system. (Can we please abandon loot-grinding altogether in games). Ultimately, the game is plagued by the same thing that sinks other superhero games: empty promises. Too much is offered and nothing feels complete or focused to deliver the high mark its peers have reached. Maybe the sequel will be better.