September 16-18, 2022

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Here at the FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of fandom. On Team Picks, we
share some of our favorite things we’ve been watching, reading, and playing. This month, we’re looking
back at the team’s formative horror movie experiences.

Everyone has a horror movie that stuck with them as a kid—maybe it ended up giving you full-on
nightmares, or maybe it was just a little too scary for you at the time.

Join us as we recount the first horror movies that truly terrified us in this month’s picks:


Customer Service Coordinator

Chucky for sure. Growing up, my brother and I would watch scary movies regularly. I remember
watching all of the Jaws movies and the original IT when I was quite young. It was never really an issue
because I didn’t get nightmares from them… until we watched the Chucky movies. For some reason, this
doll just stuck with me and I had my first horror-movie-induced nightmare where I was trying to get
away from Chucky and throwing plates at him. I think it hit home so much because as a young girl, dolls are something you play with so often. It probably also didn’t help that my brother had the “My Buddy” doll that Chucky was based on.

Darkness Falls

Social Media Coordinator

Darkness Falls! Now that I’m older, horror movies scare me in a way that I really like. But when I was
younger, I watched Darkness Falls and I did NOT enjoy it. The scariest part of the movie was that you
couldn’t turn off the lights or you would immediately die. I kept my lights on for a good two weeks when
I went to bed and I even carried a flashlight for when I had to get up or get water in the middle of the


Managing Director, FAN EXPO HQ West

I haven't re-watched it as an adult, but Hellraiser scarred me for life as a kid. My mom was really into
horror movies, so she was watching it one night. I came down the stairs and watched one of the gory
parts with the cenobites, and that was enough.



Scream really got to me when I was younger. There was just something about the way that Drew
Barrymore gets gutted and all the blood. I was not ready for all of that at the time, despite willingly
searching out a scary movie to watch.

The Village

Social Media Coordinator

The first horror movie I ever saw in theatres was The Village. My younger brother and I were going to
spend the night at a family friend’s house we’d never been to before, but we were dropped off at the
movie first, without seeing where we’d be staying. The “Beast” in the movie is attracted to the colour
red. Sure enough, when we got back from the movie and went into the guest bedroom we’d be sleeping
in that night, we saw that the entire room was decked out in red. It was a long, long night.