September 16-18, 2022

Edmonton EXPO Centre

Edmonton EXPO


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EDMONTON EXPO’s media team is standing by to assist you with your enquiry. Please contact them directly for these and other enquiries relating to media coverage:

  • Background information about EDMONTON EXPO
  • Interview requests with EDMONTON EXPO spokespersons
  • Interview requests with EDMONTON EXPO guests and partners
  • Image and B-roll requests 

For media questions, contact our Public Relations team: 

NOTE: Please refer to the Expo correctly as the “EDMONTON EXPO” or “Edmonton Comics & Entertainment Expo”.

Media Accreditation And On-Site Media

EDMONTON EXPO has the pleasure of hosting media from around the world. Media accreditation and services are provided to media on assignment to cover EDMONTON EXPO. Due to the demand for tickets, the number of Press Passes available is limited and we are not able to approve every request.

For best results, please submit an application for media accreditation no later than one month before the event and provide as much information as possible. Notice of application status will be emailed to applicants no later than one month before the event, or before public tickets sell out. Please review the guidelines for on-site media below before applying and refer to the FAQs if you have any questions.

If you have unanswered questions or concerns, please contact

5 Important Rules for On-Site Media at EDMONTON EXPO

Media Passes must be worn at all times. Respect the responsibility of this pass: follow the rules and ask the on-site Media Team if you have any questions or concerns about your access or activities on-site.

Press & Media FAQ

Popular questions and answers about covering EDMONTON EXPO before, during, and after the show.

Projects for commercial use must be pre-approved by the EDMONTON EXPO Media Team and will require Media Accreditation while on site. Commercial cameras operating without approval from the Media Team are prohibited and may not be granted access.

If you’re planning to shoot for non-commercial use, please respect the following rules for filming on site:

  • Always ask permission before photographing or filming anyone, including other attendees.
  • On-camera interviews with EDMONTON EXPO Guests are not permitted without media accreditation and arrangement via the Media Team.
  • Cameras are not permitted to set up in a fixed position.
  • When photographing EDMONTON EXPO guests, please keep a distance of no less than 12 feet.
  • Recording panels or other programming is prohibited.
  • Stationary lighting, or large obstructive light boxes are not allowed.
  • Pole mounted lights are not allowed.
  • The use of selfie sticks is not allowed anywhere onsite.

If you do have any issues while on-site, please ask to be directed to the Media Team table for assistance. We’re there to help and do our best to make sure you have a great time capturing your experience at EDMONTON EXPO!