September 16-18, 2022

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Creator Of The Month - Nat Jones

Welcome to Creator of the Month, where we feature an incredible creator from our community of fans and learn about who they are beneath the surface. This month, we have Nat Jones!

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Creator Of The Month Questions

What city are you based in? 

I usually say Edmonton, but I live in Sherwood Park.  

Tell us a bit about yourself!  

I was born in the U.S., and moved to Canada around ten years ago. I have been a writer, artist and creator for comics, video games, fashion and film for over twenty years on things like Spawn, Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer, ’68, 13 Horsemen, 30 Days of Night, and a lot, lot more.  

What fandoms are you into? 

I’m a huge fan of comics and film, especially horror, dark fantasy and gothic stories. 

What inspired you to become an artist? 

Honestly, my mom and dad really started me on my path through their love of art. My mom is very into crafting and my dad is a big fan of horror movies and guys like Frank Frazetta, they are both very creative and have always made lots of things. Through them I was introduced to the art of so many great artists. They also always supported me in becoming an artist, which was huge.  

Do you have an art piece that you are most proud of? 

Working with Frank Frazetta on the Death Dealer series was such a huge honor, especially since it came full circle with my dad and his love of Frank’s work, definitely a high point. I’m also very excited and proud to be creating, writing and drawing my own stories like 13 Horsemen from Storm King Comics, and my new project Eden’s Wrath that is now on Kickstarter. I am cowriting that one with my wife, which is amazing. 

What is your most requested piece? 

That’s a toss-up between Spawn, Death Dealer and my Bat Cat, Mina, from my creator owned book, Eden’s Wrath. 

Can you tell us about the process of making your work? Where do you get your inspiration from? 

My process varies quite a bit depending on what I am working on, I like to experiment with different approaches until I find something that works for the story I am trying to tell. Personally, I don’t think an artist should be locked into a set, defined process, the fun and growth is in trying and learning new things. I’m inspired by life and my love of the worlds created by other artists in film and comics. 

If you could give any piece of advice to new artists, what would it be? 

Write, draw and create every day and focus on the types of art and stories that you love. When you’re not creating, consume the works of artists you admire. There is so much great art out there and so much that you can learn from it! Don’t wait for your someone to give you your “big break”,  make it for yourself.