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Best Comments: September

Everyday our fans SHARE some of the wildest, other times questionable, but also really funny and insightful comments. Now, we want to spotlight the awesome things we see in the feed and share it with everyone for a laugh or to look at something in a different way.

Check out our screenshots of all the comments that made us think too hard, laugh too loudly, and lightened our moods.


Every once in a while, we miss a plot hole—like this poll where you choose which character should help you get off a deserted island. Didn’t think about how Tails could fly. Great call Kiel.


We invented a new Zodiac using DC characters and everyone was pretty excited about it!


RIP Chadwick Boseman ☹ We loved the T’Challa / Shuri chemistry too.


Anything can happen in a John Barrowman Photo Op. Also, great Oswin cosplay Diana!


Every dog is the best dog, and every picture of a celeb and their dog is the best picture of a celeb and their dog.


Which of these characters would you save? A really, really thoughtful answer from Caitlyn.