March 17 - 19, 2023

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Toronto Comicon


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Exhibitor List

 Toronto Comicon 2022 Exhibitors Include:


Artist Alley

Account Name Booth Number

@rtisticmonkeys A105

1%talent A32

3D Nerd Creations A254

A. J. Vrana A215

Actoons Illustration A250

Aether & Bones PR7

ahhgela PR9

Akanyte A122

Ally Rom Colthoff A87

Andrew Sebastian Kwan Art Inc A47

Aquagem PR1

Ares Dream Designs A194

art by pea A50

Art of Chow A232

Artist Ally K Loose Ends A31

Artomahawk A173

Ash Designs A99

Astroxnot A43

Atelier Wofuru A205

Basil Bombardier A42

Bathbunny Art + Zellerpins A97

Beaniesprout and Lalazaro A113

Beddo Art A70

Belli-Buttons A151

Big Country Comics A6

Black Iris Design PR18

Black Sun Comics A208

Blu Water Ink A175

BlueTown Art A10

Brown Rabbits A76

Brown, Karen A197

Bunnbye A90

By Amelia 2 You A168

Caeboa & Ramaoart A28

Calico Cocoa A213

Camilla Khau Designs A156

Catherine Harasymiw A51

C-Class A57

Celestial Fox A123

ch1sh10 A39

Chaotic Curiosities A68

Cheshire Grynne A88

Chocodragon A137

Christopher Gorman PR23

Chumbits Art A248

Clever Clippings A111

Con-Quest Crafts A195

COVEN x Peachiie Shop PR22

Crisoco A96

Curoie A184

Cynthia's Bath Lab A214

cypritree A36

Dabble Design A71

Dara Gold Art PR24

Diamondfishart A154

Dirty Laundry Collective A131

DogEar Prints A73

double0doodles A129

Dragoncat Alchemists A147

Duluduludesign A211

Effin? Birds A143

Fabled Creative PR6

FalseDelusion PR14

Fandom Forged A115

Fansea A132

Fishooe A66

fluffybiscotti A142

FunnyBones A2

Geek <3 PR4

Geek Studio A158

Geeky Pet - Art by Alana McCarth PR8

Gillian & Brian Art A65

Glitter Bones Boutique A207

Hazelgeek & Otorocat PR21

Heather Agoncillo A256

Helensart A77

Henna Designs & Tattoos A246

heybutterbee A172

High Comedic Value A110

Hodgepodge A22

Horse Fiddle Press A192

Icy Bear Art A124

ICY Jewelery A209

inomnom A203

Itssouptimebabey A58

JellySquid Crafts A150

Junction Comics Group A116

kaiyoclubhouse A230

Katy Pan A204

Kenji A33

Keven Jordao illustration A52

Khira's Creations A187

Kieron O'Gorman Illustration A146

Kitties With Kapes A23

Klutz Mega Korp A233

Kori Vee Cosplay A170

Lady Cotton Tail A74

Lauren Mowat A236

Lea Matte Illustration & Yody Zoa Cats A53

LGOcrew A12

LilyXiaDesigns A183

Limepress A148

Liz Parkes A185

Ljongi A149

Lothlenan A152

MadeByJods A212

Many Much Maillen A252

Markeybun and Masterblazz A190

Masterdadabelle A104

Meaghan Tarasick A72

Mikeohchang A30

Ministry of Distraction A75

Moosefairy A135

MS Creations PR20

Musekman A133

Namchan Cosplay A45

Nayuki Illustration/Yanimatorart A93

Nelson Caetano A164

Nelson Wu Art A186

Nemururin A35

Nerds & Needles A128

Nic da Stick Creations A107

Nikko Apparel A8

Niku & Mallius A171

Nineyrs A196

Nixax A162

Nsomniaks Dream A165

Odd Fiction A92

ofSkySociety A112

Ovyan A54

Painting My Life (Pasquale Marco Veltri) A258

Pandect Pig Cat PR16

Pastel Dreams Nikki A136

Phib PR3

Pin-Ace Ltd. A126

Pixel Palette A56

Plaid Art A130

Pocket Watch Press A144

Poketto A188

Popsquatch Designs A117

Post Boredom Games A29

Poundkeyz A193


Puillustrated LLC A16

punimello A157

Quirkilicious Inc PR10


Rabitto A155

Ravefirell A169

Red Paw Designs A127

RoRo Art & Puppets! A231

Sabtastic A62

SamjamsPixelArt A189

ScifeyeCandy A174

See Jessie Draw A63


Sochg A206

Space Dey A191

Sparkle Collective A83

Squiresword Creations PR5

Stick 'Em Up Stickers PR13

Stitch Geek Sewing A85

Straythepack A210

Studiocomix Press 326

T. Gregory Argall A182

Tcan comix A125

Team Aspec A166

Terramisa A202

The Button Brigade A234

The Child Author A238

The colour polkadot A153

The Purple Octopus A235

The Quiver Cosplay A139


ThinkNU A138

thissilverfish A134

Thomas Godfrey A37

Thor's Trinkets PR19

Thready To Go A94

Timeskip Studio Inc. PR15

ToasterKiwi Studio LTD. A237

tokyo shojo A102

Trend Hub A228

Trode Publications A48

Varethane A163

Vince Sunico A103

Vivifi Enterprises Inc. A46

Whale Owl Be Damned A216

Wire Princess A89

Xanworx Studios A106

Yien Yip Illustrations A199

Zelpha Comics Ltd. PR2

zzyzzyy A217