April 21 - 24, 2022

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Rendez-View Injustice

An Injustice Indeed

What could be more gut wrenching than Superman murdering Lois Lane? The Flash getting decapitated? Metropolis blown to smithereens?! - the fact that it was so forgettable. Injustice managed to make us cry, laugh and rage quit all in the same sitting... and yet, I was still intrigued. How could this misstep continue to drive such interest you may ask? Read on to find out.  

Games & Comics Comparison

The continuity between the comics, games and animated movie are pretty aligned for the most part. There are some strange storyline changes where The Flash, Cyborg and Hawkman die before the climax of the film, whereas in the comics they live on as allies of Superman's regime. As frustrating as those additions were, I was taken off guard which added to the thrill of those scenes. In retrospect however, the time jumps for each peak storyline component was too rushed and didn’t allow for any possible build up, or any time for reflection. One key part of movies that really stuck out to me was Wonder Woman’s character. In the movie, she is depicted as strong but gentle given the circumstances. That being said, this is a complete 180 from the Wonder Woman in the comics/games. The Wonder Woman from the Injustice universe we know is ruthless, unforgiving and relentless in her conquest for domination. She makes no apologies for her behavior and cares little for the outcomes of many DCEU characters. Not really sure why they had to go the gentler route for this iteration of the character, but it really did put a damper on Injustice Wonder Woman’s true nature.  


The Fights

If anything, Injustice was quite flashy (RIP) with their fights. They stayed true to the brutality seen in the comics and games and felt like there were real consequences in these fights – which effectively speaks to the tone of the Injustice games/comics  

Video Game Moments

For storyline related purposes it made sense to include key moments from the games/comics like Green Arrow’s death, The Joker’s plan to destroy Metropolis (and more), and Batman’s formation of the resistance. What stood out to me however was the movement of the characters in relation to their counterparts in the games. Like when Superman fights Earth 1 Superman and uses two finishing moves on him? That was awesome.  

The Voice Acting

It was brave to take out iconic voice actors like Kevin Conroy as Batman and replace him with a relatively newer star to the DCAU, however I think for this version of the animated universe it worked! Though the storyline and dialogue are quite rushed at times, the voice actors work despite this and deliver a pretty stellar performance overall. Shoutout to Catwoman, Harley and Superman for doing the most.  

Final Thoughts

When the injustice comics and games were first introduced, fans went nuts for the concept of an evil dictator Superman. It became the catalyst for other great stories where the heroes turn bad and everything is in chaos. I was really hoping the story for Injustice in the animated movie would have the same effect, however it missed too many marks to have a legitimate impact on the DCAU as a whole. A mostly forgettable movie with a lost potential for a longer and greater storyline – but still watchable. If you’re a devoted DC fan, it’s worth a watch (but don’t get your hopes up).