April 27 - 30, 2023

Stampede Park



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FAN MEETUP RECAP: Geeky Virtual Paint Night

Written By Teigan Blondin (Fan Meetup Ambassador, Calgary Chapter)

Been missing out on the creative jam of Artist Alley? Edmonton artist Glen Sergy lent his unique artistic talents to a Geeky Virtual Paint Night for the Calgary Meetups chapter.

Budding artists from all over Alberta and a few fans from abroad tackled painting a unique version of everyone's favourite Star Wars robot sidekick: R2-D2. Between the great Star Wars jokes and dripping paint, everyone's pieces were a “Force” to be reckoned with.

Special thanks to Glen for helping us put on such a great night! If you want to join Glen on any of his painting adventures, you can find him online at www.yaymaker.com/hosts/glen-sergy-10004287/.

If you’d like to join us at our next Calgary chapter meetup, you can check those out here and I’ll see you at the next one: https://meetups.fanexpohq.com/calgary/