April 21 - 24, 2022

Stampede Park


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FAN MEETUP RECAP: Disney Trivia Night

Written By Teigan Blondin (Fan Meetup Ambassador, Calgary Chapter)

Some of the best and brightest fans tested their knowledge of all things Disney in last month’s Disney Trivia Night!

Challenged by both puzzles and trivia questions, fans were treated to 80 questions that put their mouse ears to the test. Some of the real stumpers included questions like; if “The Lion King is based on Hamlet, and Lion King 2 is based on Romeo and Juliet, which play is The Lion King 1 ½ based on"? Or: “what is Cinderella's dog’s name"?

Players found their wits challenged in a variety of categories, from music, to voice actors, to princess sidekicks.


Keep an eye out for our next Calgary trivia night: https://meetups.fanexpohq.com/calgary/