April 27 - 30, 2023

Stampede Park



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Design your own Mario level

Hop a pipe, hit a coin box and watch out for Goombas! Get the best photo when you become the star of your very own Mario Level!

Little Village

Relax, catch some bugs, go fishing……pay off your mortgage?? Spend some time in our little village!

Craft zone

Time to get crafty! Join our arts and crafts master and make some fun and nerdy souvenirs to take home!

The Colourless Café

Oh no! Our Café has lost all of it’s colour! Quick, grab a marker and start drawing! Can we bring back all the colour before Calgary Expo ends??

The LEGO Pit

Enter the pit and live out your brick dreams!

The Floor is LAVA!

The. Floor. Is. Lava!!! Can you get across?

Hogwarts Photo Op

Did you get sorted? Make it official with your magical school photo! Grab your house robe and strike your most scholarly pose!

Hogwarts Classroom

Embark on your magical education! Stop by and try out your skills in Herbology, Potions, Charms and Divination!


Are you the next star chaser? Try out your aim in our “Quidditch” game!

Epic Fort

Grab a box and build, build, build the epic fort of your dreams!

Sorting Ceremonies

Did you get your letter? Maybe your owl got lost? Whatever the case, find out your magical house in one of our sorting ceremonies!

Princess Sing A longs!

Psssst! Did you know that princesses are pop culture fans too? Some lovely princesses have traveled from far, far away to Calgary Expo and they want to meet you! Spend some time with royalty in the Family Zone!

Dance Parties!!

Get your groove on in the family zone and dance up a storm for your chance to win fantastic prizes!

Story Time with the Calgary Public Library

Join the CPL’s storytellers as they whisk you off to a land far, far away with an amazing story!

Professor Dumbledor’s Wand Class

Swish and flick! Join the headmaster of Hogwarts himself for a lesson in proper wand work!