April 27 - 30, 2023

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Cosplayer of the Month – Bees

Welcome to Cosplayer of the Month, where we feature an incredible cosplayer from our community of fans and learn about who they are beneath the surface and, ahem, WORBLA. This month, we have Bees!

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Let's talk TikTok with Bees! Join us for a Q&A and tutorial with Bees on September 18th at 7 PM MDT. RSVP here.

Cosplayer of The Month Questions

Where are you based? 

I am based in Western Canada.

How did you get into cosplay initially?

Actually, what got me into cosplay was about a year and a half ago when I first watched the reboot of She-Ra and found myself wanting to create her costume!  That was when I began to follow Kelly Kirstein and Ann Mossy through their She-Ra cosplays and instantly fell in love with the hobby.

How did you get into TikTok? 

I got into TikTok as a way to cosplay and collaborate with many other cosplayers. It’s also as an outlet for me to express myself through my craft! I never realized how big of an impact TikTok would have on me and I am truly blessed for the friendships I’ve made because of it.

What would you say is the key to making a good TikTok? 

I would say the key to making a good TikTok is that you are having fun while filming! Just letting yourself be creative with the character you are cosplaying is all you need for a fabulous video! Your imagination is your greatest ally when creating videos!

What’s the cosplay community on TikTok like? 

I adore the TikTok cosplay community so MUCH!! Everyone is so incredibly supportive and kind. I’ve honestly never felt as appreciated in a community as I do by them and I’ll never be able to thank them enough for the support I’ve received from them!

Do you have a cosplay piece or video that you are most proud of?

A cosplay piece that I am most proud of would be any of my She-Ra content since I believe that is the most accurate costume that I have made myself. But if I were to say favourite video then I’d say my Hercules intro video is the one I am most proud of!

Is there a fellow cosplay TikToker that you look up to or inspires you?

Oh absolutely! My friends @Mythicallrose, @vainvirgoscosplay, @somethingpointy, @ahobbitstale, @leftmybabyblue, @vampirethembo, @rhilentless, and countless others :)

If you could give any piece of advice to new cosplayers, what would it be?

My advice for new cosplayers is to start with some closet cosplays! That’s how I started! Also, when creating your own costumes if you don’t have money and want to be frugal, I definitely recommend thrift shopping for cosplays or simply using old Halloween costumes.